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Sports Insights Featured in ESPN Magazine, the Analytics Edition – ESPN

ESPN’s Chad Millman Ranks Sports Insights App #1 – ESPN

A Contrarian’s Guide to Football Betting – WSJ.COM (Wall Street Journal) Gave FIVE STARS! –

Sports Insights New Line Prediction Tool –

Sports Insights great tool for sports bettors –

Sports Insights Data Featured in Forbes College Football Article – Forbes

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SportsInsights Review –

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4-4-2017 How gambling software helped one amateur make $1300 in 12 days – CNBC

3-13-2017 Simulation bracket: Predicted NCAA tournament Cinderellas, sleepers and busts – USA Today

3-13-2017 March Madness betting guide: How to get started without going broke – CNBC

2-5-2017 The 6 Best Sports Podcasts for Data Junkies – Inverse


12-21-2016 Bookies, beware: The Patriots are king of the spread – Boston Globe

1-20-2016 A Bet on Sports Data Was Worth Millions of Dollars – Inc. Magazine


9-9-2015 Content manager, David Solar, writing weekly Contrarian article for ESPN Chalk

3-15-2015 Content manager, David Solar, contributes to ESPN’s NCAAB Conference tourney betting guide

1-8-2015 Interviews PJ Walsh of Sports Insights


12-18-2014 College Football Bowl analysis featured on Washington Post blog

10-28-2014 New in Bet Labs – Live Odds Integration

10-22-2014 Content manager, David Solar, featured on ESPN Chalk

9-4-2014 New Football Filters Added in Bet Labs

9-3-2014 New ESPN Live Odds page powered by Sports Insights

9-1-2014 Director of Sports Information, PJ Walsh, featured on ESPN Chalk

8-12-2014 Sports Insights Layout Updates

8-6-2014 Meet the New Bet Labs

3-10-2014 Introducing the Bet Labs Think Tank

2-7-2014 Bet Labs – New Filters and Tutorial Section

2-4-2014 Updates to Sports Insights’ Betting Systems


12-4-2013 Sports Insights’ NFL O/U Data and Betting Trends Featured in Chad Millman’s Gambling Opus No. 3 for

11-8-2013 Sports Insights’ Data Utilized by Deadspin: NFL Betting Lines, Visualized: Week 10

10-10-2013 Sports Insights’ Contrarian Betting Data Featured in Chad Millman’s Gambling Opus No. 2

9-14-2013 Sports Insights Data Featured in Forbes College Football Article

9-4-2013 Sports Insights’ New NFL Coaches ATS Analysis Featured on

8-28-2013 ESPN’s Chad Millman Ranks Sports Insights App #1

7-9-2013 Sports Insights’ NFL Key Numbers article featured on

6-20-2013 Sports Insights breaks down Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals on’s Behind the Bets podcast

2-25-2013 Sports Insights Releases New Line Prediction Tool

1-7-2013’s NFL Playoff Analysis Featured on


10-17-2012 SportsInsights on’s “Behind The Bets” podcast

10-12-2012 SportsInsights in the Boston Globe

8-15-2012 Live Odds 4.0 New Features

7-27-2012 Follow SportsInsights on Twitter

3-1-2012 Sports Insights Featured in ESPN Magazine, the Analytics Edition

1-28-2012 2012 Member Survey Results


10-25-2011 Live Odds 3.0 New Features

9-23-2011 Sports Insights and ESPN’s Chad Millman Discuss Public Betting Trends

9-21-2011 Sports Betting Software Shows Which Teams the Public is Betting On

3-9-2011 in the Wall Street Journal: Contrarian Betting During March Madness

2-15-2011 Sports Insights Relaunches Affiliate Program

2-11-2011 2011 Member Survey Results

1-20-2011 Sports Insights Survey – January 2011

1-7-2011 Basic Membership Price Change and Recurring Subscriptions

1-4-2011 and’s Chad Millman Review NFL Week 16


12-23-2010 Happy Holidays – Free Premium Pro Membership

12-23-2010 in the Wall Street Journal: Contrarian Football Betting

11-12-2010 Basic Members Can Now View All Sports on One Page

11-4-2010 Sports Insights and ESPN Review Week 9 Line Moves

11-4-2010 Sports Insights Launches Free Sports Betting App

10-26-2010 and ESPN Review NFL Week 7

10-22-2010 SportsInsights on ESPN

9-21-2010 Announcing the New Live Odds 2.0 Product!

9-11-2010 Follow SportsInsights on Twitter – Get Breaking Sports Betting News On Twitter!

9-1-2010 Sports Investing Book: NFL Betting Systems

8-31-2010 Visit the New Mobile Site – Odds, Betting Trends, and Betting Systems Picks

8-31-2010 Sports Investing Book: College Football Betting Systems

8-30-2010 2010-11 NCAA Football Betting Systems Preview

8-30-2010 Kicks off 2010 Football Season with Revamped Website

8-26-2010 Welcome to the New

7-15-2010 2010 Sports Insights Survey Results

4-12-2010 Announces “Sports Investing: Profiting from Point Spreads” Book Debuts at #1 in Amazon’s Sports > Gambling Category

4-1-2010 2010 MLB Betting Systems Preview

3-23-2010 Asks, Who does the public like in the Sweet Sixteen?

3-16-2010 Sports Analytics Make Sense out of March Madness

1-30-2010 2010 Basketball Steam Moves Triggered at ABC


12-21-2009 2009 Year in Review and Team of the Year Award

11-20-2009 2009 NCAA Basketball Betting Systems Preview

10-28-2009 2009 NBA Betting Systems Preview

9-1-2009 2009 MLB August Square Plays Wrap Up

8-30-2009 2009 NCAA Football Betting System Preview

7-15-2009 2009 Member Survey and Results

7-12-2009 2009 Looking Back, Looking Forward

1-15-2009 Tracks NFL Super Bowl Betting Trends and Statistics


1-25-2008 Sports Insights Tracks NFL Super Bowl Betting Trends and Statistics

1-16-2008 Sports Insights Tracks NFL Divisional Betting Trends

1-11-2008 Offers Sports Information Challenge Against Any Odds Provider

1-8-2008 Offers Free Betting Statistics on the First Round of the NFL Playoff Games

1-4-2008 Offers Unique Betting Statistics on the NFL Playoffs Wildcard Weekend

1-2-2008 Introduces Best Bets Feature to Premium Pro Members


1-12-2007 5Dimes Announces Reduced Juice


9-5-2006 Adds Real-time Betting Statistics

8-22-2006 Launches New, Improved Sports Investing Tools for Kickoff of Fall Football Season

2-1-2006 Gives Sports Fans a Peek into the World of Online Sports Betting with the Launch of Individual Sportsbook Betting Statistics in Time for Super Bowl XL


11-7-2005 NBA Betting Statistics and Trends for 2003-04 and 2004-05

10-6-2005 Adds 5Dimes Sportsbook and Casino Data and New “Smart Money Alerts” to its Sports Investing Features

9-27-2005 Adds RSS Feeds to Deliver Sports Marketwatch and Sports Investing Tools in Real-Time

9-15-2005 Introduces New “Sports Investing” Features to Give Sports Fans the Most Accurate, Real-Time Betting Statistics Anywhere on the Web

3-7-2005 “Shoots and Scores” with to Provide Real-Time Wagering Statistics as “March Madness” Gets Underway

2-1-2005 Reveals Unique Super Bowl XXXIX Betting Statistics with Launch of Sports Betting Marketplace


9-8-2004 announces partnership with

9-1-2004 View Wagesring Stats from Sportsbook on your Cell Phone

8-25-2004 adds new improved features to site

3-18-2004 See who the public bet in every NCAA March Madness game

1-5-2004 Live betting stats just in time for NFL Playoffs

1-2-2004 Oklahoma the publics favorite to win on Jan 4, according to


8-18-2003 Sports Insights partners with third sportsbook to offer live betting statistics


7-17-2001 Sports Insights partners with second sportsbook to offer live betting statistics

1-6-2001 Who’s everyone betting on?


11-6-2000 /Sports Gambling – Review by Brian Gabrielle

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