Atlanta, GA – Friday, January 4, 2008 –, the leading online sports betting information service, offers public betting statistics on this weekends NFL Wildcard  games for free.

According to Daniel Fabrizio, founder of, “the most lopsided bet game of the weekend is Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh. The public is betting on Jacksonville like they know the score – 75% of the bets are coming in on Jacksonville, even though they are on road. Public money has pushed Jacksonville from a 1 point Underdog to a 2.5 point Favorite. That’s a 3.5 point swing! You very rarely see a home team Underdog in the playoffs. There is a tremendous value opportunity taking Pittsburgh +2.5 at home.”

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Wagering Trend:

Washington Redskins             72%

Seattle Seahawks            28%


Jacksonville Jaguars 72%

Pittsburgh Steelers            28%


New York Giants     60%

Tampa Bay Buccaneers         40%


Tennessee Titans   35%

San Diego Chargers            65%



The “Wagering Trend” column above displays the percentage of wagers placed on the corresponding team for each game. For example, in the Washington Redskins / Seattle Seahawks game, 72% of the wagers have been placed on Washington. The Wagering Trend information comes from line boards of muliple online sportsbooks.

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