Who does the Public like in the Sweet Sixteen?


DURHAM, NC – March 23, 2010 – SportsInsights announces the release of public opinion statistics for every 2010 NCAA Basketball Sweet Sixteen game.  “Just as financial services like Bloomberg monitor trading activity on Wall Street, we monitor sports wagering activity at major online sportsbooks,” says Dan Fabrizio, founder of SportsInsights.com. The betting statistics, which come directly from major sportsbooks, include the percentage of bets placed on each team, money flows, and volume of wagers. “What better indicator of public sentiment than knowing which teams the fans are putting their hard- earned money behind?” asks Dan Fabrizio.

SportsInsights tracks public opinion on major sporting events by monitoring the pulse of the global sports marketplace. By compiling betting activity data from major online sportsbooks they are able to show which teams the public is heavily favoring. This proprietary betting data comes directly from the sportsbook’s database and offers viewers a deeper understanding of the forces controlling betting line movement.

Interestingly, the point spread opened with Syracuse as a 7.5-point favorite – and even with almost 80% of bets taking Syracuse, the point spread ticked down to 6.5 points.  SportsInsights views this as an indication of big money taking the underdog.  In particular, this is evidence that larger-sized bets, sometimes called “smart money,” are taking Butler, countering the many smaller bets on Syracuse.

Highlights of the 2010 Sweet Sixteen match-ups:

  • 80% of the public likes Duke over Purdue
  • 75% of the public likes Syracuse over Butler
  • 75% of the public likes Kansas State over Xavier
  • 70% of the public likes Ohio State over Tennessee

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