DURHAM, NC – March 16, 2010 – The NCAA Tournament and its bracket pools are one of the most beloved sports pastimes of the year. Since founding SportsInsights more than a decade ago, Dan Fabrizio has repeatedly seen his firm’s proprietary “betting percentages” capture contrarian value in the sports marketplace, particularly during major sporting events.
“Just as financial services like Bloomberg monitor trading activity on Wall Street, monitors sports betting activity at major online sportsbooks,” says Dan Fabrizio. The betting statistics, which come directly from major sportsbooks, include the percentage of bets placed on each team, money flows, and volume of betting activity.

As March Madness gets under way, SportsInsights is the only source of these contrarian indicators, along with betting data on every tournament game. obtains these unique statistics from several sources and puts them into charts for an easy-to-view snapshot of real-time data and analysis. You can view free live betting charts on every NCAA Tournament by visiting .

SportsInsights believes it can exploit inefficiencies within the marketplace by applying the rigorous statistical analysis of the financial world to the sports betting industry. For example, sportsbooks know the public overwhelmingly bets “favorites” and “overs” and adjusts betting lines accordingly. By taking a big picture look at real-time bets, transforms betting into an even-level playing field.

Some March Madness biases that SportsInsights has uncovered: Read Full Article

  • Since 2003, the #1 and #2 seeds have gone a sub-par 24-29 (45%) against the spread (ATS) during the first round of the tournament. In 2009, the top two seeds went 4-4 in the first round of the tournament ATS. They have won an overwhelming number of those games, but the large point spreads are difficult to overcome.
  • Another tidbit of information is that the #6 and #7 seeds, in the first round, have gone a combined 39-25 (61%) ATS over the past several years. In 2009, the #6 and #7 seeds gave back some out-performance, going just 2-6, but the longer-term numbers still average better than 60%. There seems to be some value in this range of seeds.

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Founded in 1999, monitors actual betting activity and money flows at major sportsbooks. Unique content and live betting statistics has propelled SportsInsights to the forefront of the competitive world of sports information. uses pioneering betting charts to track the percentage of bets and money placed on every major sporting event. is not a sportsbook or a betting/trading exchange site, but has agreements with major online sportsbooks, to capture actual betting statistics on every major sporting event.

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