Live Odds 4.0 New Features

Value Meter

Our new Value Meter analyzes Contrarian Value, Steam Moves, Smart Money Plays, Key Injuries and Official/Referee trends for every  matchup on the board to quickly show which games are offering the most value.

Value Meter

Referee/Umpire Stats and Trends

Instantly access runs/points per game, home/away bias and over/under bias for referees and home plate umpires.

Referee/Umpire Stats and Trends

Game Information Dashboard

With one simple click, members can access all pertinent information specific to each game, including Public Betting Percentages, Line Movement Charts, Key Injuries, Betting System Plays, Weather, Referee/Umpire Information, Trends and Value Meter Rating.

Game Information Dashboard

Redesigned Matchup Page

By clicking on “Matchups” within the game dashboard, members can access game-specific statistical comparisons, including ATS trends, recent bullpen usage, head to head results, recent performance of each starting pitcher and much more.

Matchups Page

New Sort Options

Live Odds 4.0 makes sorting information columns much easier. By simply clicking the column header, members can instantly sort by:

  1. Game Time
  2. Number of Bets
  3. Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under and Parlay Betting Percentages
  4. Game Number
  5. Value Meter Rating

Members can also visit settings to default Live Odds 4.0 to sort by either Game Number or Game Time.

Frozen Headers/Rows

Fixed game information rows and sportsbook column headers allow members to scroll both horizontally and vertically without losing key game or sportsbook information.

Customizable Button Bar

By visiting settings, Live Odds 4.0 gives members the opportunity customize the buttons/features that appear on their live odds page.

Lineups Page

Enhanced My Games Feature

Simply click on the check box next to each matchup to add an important game to My Games. Members can customize My Games alerts to include Lineups, Weather, Final Scores and Injury alerts via popup, email or smart phone push alert.

My Games

Urgent Injury Updates

With one click of the “Urgents” button, members can instantly see the most recent injury alerts for key players.

Urgent Injury Updates

Enhanced Line Watcher Alerts

Our improved Line Watcher can be setup to alert members via popup or email whenever a game, 1st half and/or 2nd half line hits a desired Moneyline, Spread or O/U.

Line Watcher