2016 Olympic Gold Medal Totals

The 2016 Summer Olympics are only a few days away and, just in time for the start of the Summer Games, Vegas-based sportsbook Westgate released gold medal totals for many of the participating countries. In the 2012 Summer Olympics,...

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2016 Olympic Tennis Odds

Along with golf, tennis will be one of the more familiar individual sports you can watch (and bet on) in the upcoming Olympic Games. Both the men's and women's tournaments kick off this Saturday and...

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2016 Olympic Soccer Odds

The 2016 Summer Olympics will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil starting on August 5, 2016. Although the games are almost two months away, several sportsbooks have begun posting odds for some of the...

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2016 Olympic Handball Odds

The 2016 Summer Olympics are less than two months away and will take place in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Though there is still plenty of time until the Olympics begin, many sportsbooks have released odds for...

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