A Serious Winter Olympics Preview of Women’s Downhill and Super G Odds

A Serious Winter Olympics Preview of Women’s Downhill and Super G Odds

A storm is a brewin. Not the bomb cyclone, but a storm of Winter Olympics content. I’m ready to dedicate the next month and a half of my life to pure, unadulterated content on sports that you may or may not have heard of. So buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

This sport is one you probably know rather well. AND, it features an athlete that you’ve actually heard of! Lindsey Vonn, 2010 downhill gold medalist and former Tiger Woods gal-pal, is expected to be a frontrunner for both the downhill and Super G. What is the Super G, you ask? That was the proposed superhero name Marvel pitched to me when they asked if I wanted to be in the next Avengers movie.

I turned them down. However, when it comes to skiing, the Super G is the super giant slalom, of course. This race requires more turning than the downhill race, but the winning times are faster due to the length of the course.


Skier Country1/9 (Bovada)
Lindsay VonnUSA+300
Lara GutSWI+600
Tina WeiratherLIE+600
Cornelia HutterAUT+650
Mikaela ShiffrinUSA +750
Sofia GoggiaITA+800
Viktoria RebensburgGER+800
Anna VeithAUT+1000
Michelle GisinSWI+1200
Elena FanchiniITA+2800
Stacey CookUSA+2800
Johanna SchnartITA+3300
Nicole SchmidhoterAUT+4000
Breezy JohnsonUSA+5000
Ester LedeckaCZE +5000
Jacqueline WilesUSA+5000
Jasmine FlurySWI+5000
Laurenne RossUSA+5000
Nadia FanchiniITA+5000
Christine ScheyerAUT+6600
Corinne SuterSWI+6600
Ragnhild Mowinckel NOR+6600
Stephanie VenierAUT+8000
Alice McKennisUSA+10000
Edit MiklosHUN+10000
Federica BrignoneITA+10000
Joana HahlenSWI+10000
Ramona SiebenhoferAUT+10000
Tamara TipplerAUT+10000
Tessa WorleyFRA+10000

Vonn is favored to regain the downhill gold in her Olympic comeback. She was forced to miss the 2014 Games due to a torn ACL suffered in the nasty wreck below.

It’s not always fun and games when swooshing around the slopes.

She’ll be challenged by a slew of competitors, headlined by Lara Gut and fellow American Mikaela Shiffrin, the only two other names on this list that I’ve heard of. At just 22 years old, Shiffrin may be the future of American Women’s skiing. She won the gold in the slalom (just the plain old boring slalom, though, not Super G) in the 2014 Games and is hoping to bring back some more hardware this go-round.

One name I see some value in is Stephanie Venier of Austria, way down the list at +8000. Venier won silver at the 2017 World Championships, beating out Vonn and losing to Ilka Stuhec of Slovenia, who will miss the Olympics due to an injury. Unfortunately, no video of said injury exists, but I can imagine it was similar to the gif below.

Super G

Skier Country1/9 (Bovada)
Tina WeiratherLIE+350
Lara GutSWI+400
Lindsay VonnUSA+600
Anna VeithAUT+700
Viktoria RebensburgGER+800
Mikaela ShiffrinUSA +1000
Michelle GisinSWI+1100
Sofia GoggiaITA+1200
Federica BrignoneITA+1200
Nicole SchmidhoterAUT+1600
Cornelia HutterAUT+2000
Jasmine FlurySWI+2000
Tessa WorleyFRA+2000
Ester LedeckaCZE +5000
Corinne SuterSWI+5000
Ragnhild Mowinckel NOR+5000
Johanna SchnartITA+5000
Nadia FanchiniITA+6600
Stephanie VenierAUT+6600
Breezy JohnsonUSA+8000
Elena FanchiniITA+10000
Tamara TipplerAUT+10000
Kira Weidle GER+10000
Christine ScheyerAUT+12500
Joana HahlenSWI+12500
Ricarda HaaserAUT+12500
Stacey CookUSA+15000
Edit MiklosHUN+15000
Jacqueline WilesUSA+20000
Ramona SiebenhoferAUT+20000

Many of the same names are found at the top of the Super G odds list. Tina Wierather of good old Liechtenstein leads the way at +350, followed by Gut and Vonn. Wierather came in 2nd at this past year’s World Championships and is looking for her first Olympic medal.

At +1600, you can take a chance on the Super G World Champ, Nicole Schmidhoter of Austria. These Austrian women love their skis, but maybe not as much as they love putting some shrimp on the barbie.

Check out all of this year’s Olympic content by checking the Olympics section of our blog regularly. And when I say regularly, I mean it.

Photo via Sergei Belski – USA TODAY

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