Mayweather McGregor Last 24 Hours Betting Update

Mayweather McGregor Last 24 Hours Betting Update

The buzz surrounding the Mayweather-McGregor fight has been incredible, and sportsbooks are taking record handle on the fight around the market. On Thursday there were 7 different six-figure+ bets placed on Mayweather around the Vegas market including $1.2M on Mayweather -500 at William Hill US. Bets are flying in on McGregor too, though, including a $20k ticket on McGregor +450 at CG Technology and multiple $100k tickets on McGregor +400 at MGM.

Here’s a look at how odds have changed at Bookmaker recently, where they’ve attracted more handle on the fight than any NCAAF game aside from the National Title last year:

Floyd Mayweather-553-570-650-445-465-470-1085
Conor McGregor+403+415+450+325+335+348+735

McGregor keeps getting bet down by the public but sharps are swooping in on Mayweather each time. At Westgate, the odds are back up to Mayweather -700/McGregor +500. The average ticket size there is $200 on McGregor and $8,832 on Mayweather.

As of Saturday night at 6 pm before the fight, there have now been 4 million-dollar wagers in Vegas, all on Mayweather. But almost every book is still reporting tons of tickets on McGregor.

Here are some notable current prop bets:

Punches Landed (BetOnline)
Mayweather Over 105.5 (-155), Under 105.5 (+125)
McGregor Over 31.5 (-115), Under 31.5 (-115)

Will either fighter get knocked down in Round 1? (5Dimes)
Yes +540
No -1020

Will either fighter have a point deducted? (5Dimes)
Yes +160
No -210

Will McGregor win any round on the judges card? (BetOnline)
Yes -205
No +165

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