2016 Olympic Gold Medal Totals

2016 Olympic Gold Medal Totals

The 2016 Summer Olympics are only a few days away and, just in time for the start of the Summer Games, Vegas-based sportsbook Westgate released gold medal totals for many of the participating countries.

In the 2012 Summer Olympics, the United States led all countries with 46 gold medals and this year they open as the favorites to repeat. The US is laden with potential gold medalists, including front-runners in men’s/women’s basketball, women’s tennis, women’s water polo, and women’s soccer. After the United States, there is a bit of a drop-off. China has the second-highest total for gold medals (34.5) and then Great Britain (18.5).

One important takeaway from this prop bet is that the oddsmakers have not set a total for Russia. Several athletes from Russia are facing bans from the Olympics after drug tests revealed that they were doping. Members from the Russian weightlifting, swimming, and track and field team have already been barred from the Summer Games.

The table below displays the gold medal totals from Westgate.

CountryGold Medals
USA41.5 (o-165)
China34.5 (o-150)
Great Britain18.5
Germany15.5 (u-125)
Japan12.5 (u-125)
Australia12.5 (o-220)
France12.5 (o-120)
South Korea10.5 (o-115)
New Zeland8.5 (o-120)
Italy7.5 (u-135)
Netherlands7.5 (u-135)
Kenya6.5 (o-115)
Cuba6.5 (o-140)
Brazil6.5 (o-180)
Hungary5.5 (o-155)
Canada5.5 (u-185)
Spain4.5 (o-125)
Belarus3.5 (u-170)

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