2016 Olympic Basketball Odds

On Monday, the Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas released their opening basketball odds for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. To no surprise, the United States is heavily favored on both the men’s and women’s side. The U.S. men’s team is looking for their third straight gold medal, while the women will be aiming to land their sixth straight.

NBA MVP Steph Curry announced that he would not be playing this summer due to the nagging injuries he’s been dealing with during the Warriors playoff run. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Anthony Davis will also be on the mend for these Olympics, but the remaining pool of players for the U.S. to choose from is far and away the best in the world.

Perhaps America’s biggest threat, Spain (10/1), could be without Pau Gasol due to his concerns regarding the Zika Virus. Spain will likely already be without Pau’s brother Marc, who is recovering from foot surgery.

UNITED STATES 1/20 1/8 1/10
SPAIN 12/1 9/1 10/1
FRANCE 15/1 10/1 10/1
BRAZIL 30/1 25/1 25/1
LITHUANIA 30/1 35/1 35/1
SERBIA 30/1 50/1 50/1
ARGENTINA 60/1 35/1 35/1
CROATIA 60/1 80/1 80/1
AUSTRALIA 250/1 250/1 250/1
CHINA 500/1 1000/1 1000/1
NIGERIA 500/1 1000/1 1000/1
VENEZUELA 500/1 1000/1 1000/1
ITALY N/A 100/1 100/1
GREECE N/A 100/1 100/1
CANADA N/A 80/1 80/1
FIELD (all others) N/A 250/1 250/1

The U.S. women’s squad has won gold in every Olympics since the inauguration of the WNBA in 1996. If one team could give them trouble, it will likely be team Australia, who has medaled in five straight Olympics.

UNITED STATES 1/20 1/12 1/10
AUSTRALIA 12/1 17/2 7/1
SPAIN 15/1 16/1 15/1
FRANCE 25/1 22/1 20/1
SERBIA 30/1 30/1 25/1
BRAZIL 40/1 30/1 50/1
CANADA 50/1 40/1 80/1
TURKEY 50/1 60/1 100/1
BELARUS 200/1 150/1 100/1
JAPAN 500/1 500/1 500/1
SENEGAL 1000/1 500/1 1000/1
FIELD 200/1 80/1 50/1

Keep your eye out for any odds changes or roster updates during the next two months. The men’s gold medal game is set for Sunday, August 21st, with the women’s final taking place on Saturday, the 20th.

When the odds for games are posted closer to the start of the tournament, you can find them on our free odds page.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Sports Insights staff by utilizing our live chat feature, commenting below, or emailing us at help@sportsinsights.com

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