2015 NFL Preview: Who will have the League’s Worst Record?

2015 NFL Preview: Who will have the League’s Worst Record?

Throughout the offseason we have written about a wide range of proposition bets and futures that are available across the sports betting marketplace. This includes the usual suspects like Super Bowl Futures and Win Totals or player specific props like the league leader in passing, rushing, receiving, tackles and sacks.

The one common thread is that almost all of these betting opportunities attempt to reward achievement. But what about those who want to celebrate ineptitude?

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Earlier this week, the UK-based sportsbook Paddy Power posted odds for which team will finish the 2015 NFL season with the worst record. Last season the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers both finished with a 2-14 record, and neither team is expected to make significant steps forward. The Titans (+600) have the second best odds of finishing at the bottom of the standings while the Bucs (+900) are slightly higher at +900.

The table below displays the current odds for all 32 teams to finish with the worst record in the league. (Note: In the event of a tie, the dead heat rules would apply.)

TeamPaddy Power (8/28)
Oakland Raiders+500
Tennessee Titans+600
Jacksonville Jaguars+800
Cleveland Browns+900
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+900
Washington Redskins+1000
Chicago Bears+1200
San Francisco 49ers+1200
Minnesota Vikings+1400
New York Jets+2000
St. Louis Rams+2200
Carolina Panthers+2200
New York Giants+2200
Houston Texans+2500
Buffalo Bills+2500
Kansas City Chiefs+3300
Detroit Lions+3300
Arizona Cardinals+4000
Cincinnati Bengals+4000
New Orleans Saints+4000
Pittsburgh Steelers+5000
San Diego Chargers+5000
Atlanta Falcons+5000
Miami Dolphins+6600
Baltimore Ravens+6600
Dallas Cowboys+6600
Philadelphia Eagles+7500
Denver Broncos+7500
New England Patriots+9000
Green Bay Packers+9000
Indianapolis Colts+15000
Seattle Seahawks+20000

These numbers are quite similar to the inverse order of the Super Bowl futures, however, there are a handful of discrepancies. 5Dimes, one of the market-setting sportsbooks, gives the Jaguars, Titans, Redskins and Browns the worst odds of winning the Super Bowl this season at +12500. The Raiders (+10000) are just about those four years, yet they have the shortest odds of posting the league’s worst record at Paddy Power (+500).

It’s tough to speculate about which of these bets have value, but one intriguing team could be the Washington Redskins (+1000). This once proud team has the worst odds of winning the Super Bowl, is already dealing with injuries to their star quarterback, and has one of the most difficult schedules in the league.

We’ll keep you updated on any significant changes throughout the season, but make sure to bookmark our free NFL odds page for the latest injuries, futures, lines and public betting trends.

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