2015 NFL Divisional Odds

2015 NFL Divisional Odds

With the NFL Draft concluded, oddsmakers appear ready to turn their full attention to the upcoming season. Over the past few weeks, sportsbooks have began to post win totals, spreads for every regular season game and Rookie of the Year odds along with the preexisting NFL futures.

BetOnline and Sportsbook.com became for first prominent offshore oddsmakers to post NFL divisional odds for the upcoming season with the Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers listed as the biggest favorites to win their respective divisions.

On the flip side, there’s no division with more parity than the NFC South. At the time of publication the Falcons, Panthers and Saints were all listed as co-favorites at to win their division at Sportsbook.com. Similarly, the AFC North lacks a true front runner with the Bengals and Steelers barely trailing the Ravens.

The tables below compares the 2015 NFL Divisional odds for all 32 teams and will be continually updated throughout the off-season.

NFC East

TeamSportsbook (8/8)Sportsbook (5/6)BetOnline (5/6)
Dallas Cowboys+130+130+140
Philadelphia Eagles+150+150+150
New York Giants+360+300+340
Washington Redskins+1500+1500+1400

NFC North

TeamSportsbook (8/8)Sportsbook (5/6)BetOnline (5/6)
Green Bay Packers-300-350-250
Detroit Lions+500+450+450
Minnesota Vikings+700+800+750
Chicago Bears+1700+1200+1000

NFC South

TeamSportsbook (8/8)Sportsbook (5/6)BetOnline (5/6)
Carolina Panthers+200+180+240
New Orleans Saints+230+180+175
Atlanta Falcons+230+180+240
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+600+800+800

NFC West

TeamSportsbook (8/8)Sportsbook (5/6)BetOnline (5/6)
Seattle Seahawks-300-350-200
Arizona Cardinals+440+650+400
St. Louis Rams+950+650+600
San Francisco 49ers+1500+900+1000

AFC East

TeamSportsbook (8/8)Sportsbook (5/6)BetOnline (5/6)
New England Patriots-150-225-200
Miami Dolphins+320+400+500
Buffalo Bills+400+500+500
New York Jets+1200+1200+900

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens+145+160+175
Pittsburgh Steelers+200+200+210
Cincinnati Bengals+250+200+195
Cleveland Browns+1400+1000+1200

AFC South

TeamSportsbook (8/8)Sportsbook (5/6)BetOnline (5/6)
Indianapolis Colts-450-500-350
Houston Texans+500+350+375
Jacksonville Jaguars+2200+2000+1400
Tennessee Titans+2200+2500+1800

AFC West

TeamSportsbook (8/8)Sportsbook (5/6)BetOnline (5/6)
Denver Broncos-180-240-275
Kansas City Chiefs+300+350+500
San Diego Chargers+600+450+500
Oakland Raiders+1800+2500+2500

There are a number of large discrepancies including the Cardinals (+650 vs. +400), Jets (+1200 vs. +900), Colts (-500 vs. -350) and Chiefs (+350 vs. +500). This once again highlights the importance of always shopping for the best sportsbook line.

8/8/15 Update:

Since this article was initially posted over three months ago, we’ve seen a good deal of movement across the NFL divisional odds. The New England Patriots, who were originally listed at -225 to win the AFC East, have dropped to -150 with a 4-game suspension looming for star quarterback Tom Brady.

The Miami Dolphins (+400 to +320) and Buffalo Bills (+500 to +400) appear to be the main beneficiaries of Brady’s potential suspension, while the Jets divisional odds remain unchanged at +1200.

It’s also interesting to see the Broncos drop from -240 to -180. Although they did lose starting OT Ryan Clady for the season, there haven’t been any major player personnel changes for Peyton Manning and company. This would likely indicate that oddsmakers are either bullish about the Chiefs prospects this season (+350 to +300) or bearish about Manning’s health.

We wrote earlier about the impact of Arian Foster’s groin injury, but it’s still worth noting that the Texans odds of winning the AFC South have dropped from +350 to +500. Other major moves include: Arizona (+650 to +440), St. Louis (+650 to +950), San Francisco (+900 to +1500), Chicago (+1200 to +1700) and San Diego (+450 to +600).

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