Sports Insights Betting Trends vs. Consensus Betting Data

Sports Insights Betting Trends vs. Consensus Betting Data

One of the major misconceptions about is that the information offered here is similar to information provided by “consensus” betting websites. However, there are major differences between what offers and what consensus betting sites offer.

Here at Sports Insights we provide our members with real betting trend statistics. We receive total bets from three top sports books and percentages from six others. Our information is based on REAL BETS with real money behind them.

Consensus sites, however, poll their members about who they would bet on. There is no real money behind this. They are simply asking their members for their opinions on the outcome of games they have no intention of putting any real money on. Anyone can offer opinions on games when there is no real money to lose. This can be compared to playing poker with no money involved. Would you play each hand the same if it was just for fun? Not likely.

Our statistical data comes from the largest online sports books. An atypical NFL game can expect over 20,000 bets to be placed at each sports book, which results in a sampling size over 100,000 bets for Sports Insights. A consensus site draws from a much smaller pool of “wish list” type bets.

Our Premium and Premium Pro members receive access to this real-time data that allows them to pinpoint the Smart Money action. They see when the money is coming in and what is causing the betting line to move … all in real time.

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