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NBA Playoffs Tip-Off Tonight

The NHL playoffs started just a few days ago -- and today, the NBA playoffs get underway.  The same goes for the NBA --as what we wrote about for the NHL playoffs: contrarian approaches work...

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What is Sports Investing?

Here is an excerpt from Sportsinsights' latest article.  Please click on the link at the bottom of this blog post for the entire article. "Sports investing" is an academic approach to the sports betting marketplace.  SportsInsights...

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NFL Over / Under Betting Trends

We often get a lot of questions about Over/Under picks and why Sports Insights does not offer more of them.  The short answer is because the data for totals does not show the profitability that...

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Money Management and Betting Size

As a sports investor, betting size is an often overlooked tool which can be very beneficial to the investor if done properly. Controlling the percentage of money placed on each game depending on bankroll can help the bettor survive...

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Betting Like the Smart Money

One of the features offered to Premium Pro members are the Smart Money plays derived from the unique betting system data offered by Sports Insights. Smart Money moves are triggered whenever the betting line moves...

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