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Consensus Data

One of the biggest misconceptions about is that the information found on our site is similar to information found on “consensus” web sites. To the untrained eye this may appear to be true, but under closer examination you will see major differences.

1 – Data Source:’s public betting trends statistics come directly from the line boards of the industry’s largest online sportsbooks. Our information is based on REAL BETS with real money behind them.

Sports betting consensus data sites, on the other hand, poll their members about who they would bet on. The problem with this data is that it has no real money behind it. Betting consensus data is comprised of “wishlist” bets: games that people have no real intention of betting but on which they simply must offer opinions. An example might help drive home this important point.

Have you ever played poker with no money? Hopefully not. It’s not even gambling, you’re just playing cards. It’s safe to say that you would bet a lot differently if you had $100 on a hand than if you were “betting” 100 match sticks. The information found on betting consensus data sites is similar to gambling without money. Most of the information they poll is never actually bet. When a person has no money to lose, it’s all too easy to offer an opinion on every game on the board, and unfortunately a lot of betting consensus data is based on this type of information.

2 – Sampling Size: compiles statistical data from the largest online sportsbooks. On a typical NFL football game, you can expect over 20,000 bets to be placed at each sportsbook, resulting in a sampling size of well over 100,000 bets. A betting consensus site will draw from a much smaller pool of “wish list” type bets.

3 – Real Market Data:
Since our data originates from the source of the betting lines, you can see the sports betting market move as it is actually happening. Premium & Pro members of have access to real-time data that allows them to pinpoint Smart Money action. They see when the money is coming in and what is causing the betting line to move, all in real time.

4 – Parlay/Teaser Bet Information:
Parlay betting is another popular type of bet placed at any sportsbook, especially on public favorites. We know this and carry betting statistics on parlay and teaser bets. The addition of this “exotic bet” information greatly helps in determining Square Plays or “Sucker Lines”.

5 – Inside Information:
The information found on is unlike any in the world. No other site can boast real public betting stats coming directly from sportsbooks. Again, our members see what is actually happening on the line board of some of the sports betting industry’s biggest sportsbooks. Our members know what the sportsbooks know, and have access to some of the most reliable and powerful handicapping information ever made available to the betting public. Members of can rightly consider themselves industry insiders.