Most Bet College Football Teams of 2014-15

At Sports Insights, we continuously track bets from seven offshore sportsbooks for all of the major U.S. sports.  With the college football regular season complete, we decided to use this data to examine the most bet teams of the past season. This year alone we tracked over 11.1 million bets and were able to determine the 25 most bet teams in the nation:


Team ATS Record
Alabama 5-8
Oregon 9-4
Florida State 3-10
Michigan State 8-4
Ohio State 8-5
Arizona 5-8
Auburn 4-8
Notre Dame 5-7
Wisconsin 5-8
Baylor 7-4
Mississippi St 7-5
UCLA 4-8
Missouri 8-5
Duke 7-4
LSU 8-4
Texas A&M 4-8
Georgia 7-5
TCU 10-2
South Carolina 3-8
Kansas State 8-4
USC 7-5
Oklahoma 5-7
Ole Miss 7-4
Arizona State 6-6
Nebraska 7-4

It’s comes as no surprise that the most bet teams tend to be the best teams in the country, with four of the top five teams in this in the inaugural College Football Playoff.  If you add up the bets for the top five teams, it comes out to 10.1% of the total bets for the season.  To put it another way, more than 1 out of 10 college football bets were placed on either Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Michigan State, or Ohio State.

There is a theory that square bettors are getting more sophisticated, but there is one thing hasn’t changed over time: bettors love betting on good teams, no matter what number they are laying.

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