Contributing Sportsbooks

Members of Sportsbook Insider enjoy the unique ability to access betting trends statistics coming directly from our contributing sportsbooks. For the first time, sports bettors see what is actually happening on the top sportsbooks side. Easy to understand charts display up-to-the-second betting trends on the day’s major sporting events. Our members enjoy live streaming betting data directly from the sportsbook line boards.

Our most valuable feature, and what we consider the “bread and butter” of Sportsbook Insider, are betting trends, sometimes referred to as betting percentages. Regardless of the name, both represent real bets coming from our real contributing top sportsbooks. We display the percentage of wagers on the spread, moneyline, parlays/teasers and over/under, plus the total number of bets placed on each sporting event. The information you find on Sportsbook Insider is the same exact information that appears on the line boards of our contributing sportsbooks. Members are able to watch the action come in bet by bet.

In addition to creating the world’s first true sports betting marketplace, we’ve developed a rich set of sports betting tools to help members capitalize on this revolutionary information. Our original thinking and pioneering features will help you achieve consistent winning results. Once you start using our original content, you’ll ask yourself how you ever lived without it. Check out our historical results on our Sports Betting Systems page.