2015 MLS Cup Odds

The 2015 MLS season kicks off March 6th and, with the popularity of soccer on the rise in the United States, it will be interesting to see if there is any uptick in viewership or betting. This should be a fascinating season for a number of other reasons, including the addition of two expansion teams: New York City…

2015 MLB Win Totals

On Friday, February 13th the Atlantis Sportsbook became the first oddsmaker to post win totals for the 2015 MLB season. Although many books have been hanging future odds for months now, this offered our first glimpse into the projected final standings for the upcoming season. Two days later on Sunday the 15th, Westgate LV also…

2015 NBA All-Star Weekend Betting

The NBA All-Star weekend begins this Friday night in New York City with the All-Star Celebrity game and the Rising Stars Challenge (formerly the Rookie/Sophomore game). However, most fans won’t start tuning in until the following day when All-Star Saturday night kicks off with the Shooting Stars Challenge, Skills Challenge, Three-Point Contest and the Slam Dunk Competition….

Identifying Sharp Money With Our Free Odds Page

One of the most common questions we receive regards how bettors can identify sharp money in the sports betting marketplace. While tracking steam moves (available to our Sportsbook Insider Pro subscribers) is an excellent sharp money indicator, there are easier ways for casual bettors to determine whether wise guys or betting syndicates are hammering any teams….

NBA Trends: Fading Tired Home Teams

One of the more common betting strategies discussed by NBA bettors involves the role of fatigue — specifically the impact of playing in back-to-back games. Many bettors believe that oddsmakers overvalue the significance of playing on consecutive nights, while others claim that back-to-back games are only detrimental to a team if they’re playing on the…