2017 NFL Season: What Are the Most Popular Win Total Bets?

2017 NFL Season: What Are the Most Popular Win Total Bets?

On April 30th, the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada became the first sportsbook to post win totals for the 2017 NFL regular season. In the subsequent weeks, many offshore sportsbooks have posted their own NFL win totals including the market-setting Bookmaker.eu.

Since these numbers were initially posted by South Point, the win totals for five teams has moved by at least a full win: New England Patriots (11 to 12.5), Jacksonville Jaguars (5.5 to 6.5), Baltimore Ravens (9.5 to 8.5), New York Jets (5.5 to 4.5) and Tennessee Titans (9.5 to 8.5). That’s great news for anybody who followed my advice and took Jacksonville Over 5.5, Tennessee Under 9.5 and Baltimore Under 9.5 back in early May.

While sharp money is responsible for most of that movement, public money can impact the NFL win total market as we’ve seen with the New York Jets. According to the public betting trends from Bookmaker, over 90% of wagers placed on the Jets win total have taken the under — easily the most of any team in the league. That influx of public money (along with some questionable roster moves) has been largely responsible for the recent line movement.

The table below displays the current win total and public betting percentages for every NFL team.

TeamBookmaker (6/7)OverUnder
Arizona Cardinals8 (o-130)75.0%25.0%
Atlanta Falcons9.5 (o-119)56.3%43.7%
Baltimore Ravens8.5 (o-133)26.7%73.3%
Buffalo Bills6.5 (o-119)50.0%50.0%
Carolina Panthers9 (o-133)83.3%16.7%
Chicago Bears5.5 (u-140)15.0%85.0%
Cincinnati Bengals8.5 (i-121)52.9%47.1%
Cleveland Browns4.5 (u-126)36.4%63.6%
Dallas Cowboys9.5 (o-126)30.8%69.2%
Denver Broncos8.5 (u-131)69.2%30.8%
Detroit Lions7.5 (o-130)71.4%28.6%
Green Bay Packers10.5 (u-136)55.6%44.4%
Houston Texans8 (o-119)85.7%14.3%
Indianapolis Colts8.5 (o-114)55.6%44.4%
Jacksonville Jaguars6.5 (o-130)23.1%76.9%
Kansas City Chiefs9 (o-136)80.0%20.0%
Los Angeles Chargers7.5 (u-125)57.1%42.9%
Los Angeles Rams5.5 (o-118)22.6%77.4%
Miami Dolphins7.5 (u-115)65.2%34.8%
Minnesota Vikings8.5 (u-125)57.1%42.9%
New England Patriots12.5 (u-125)54.3%45.7%
New Orleans Saints8 (o-121)50.0%50.0%
New York Giants8.5 (o-145)87.5%12.5%
New York Jets4.5 (o-115)6.9%93.1%
Oakland Raiders9.5 (o-130)50.0%50.0%
Philadelphia Eagles8 (o-120)80.0%20.0%
Pittsburgh Steelers10.5 (o-135)25.0%75.0%
San Francisco 49ers4.5 (o-130)16.7%83.3%
Seattle Seahawks10.5 (o-130)25.0%75.0%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers8 (o-145)88.9%11.1%
Tennessee Titans8.5 (o-130)66.7%33.3%
Washington Redskins7.5 (u-116)50.0%50.0%

Most popular overs

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over 8 (88.9%)
  2. New York Giants Over 8.5 (87.5%)
  3. Houston Texans Over 8 (85.7%)
  4. Carolina Panthers Over 9 (83.3%)
  5. Kansas City Chiefs Over 9 (80.0%)

Most popular unders

  1. New York Jets Under 4.5 (93.1%)
  2. Chicago Bears Under 5.5 (85.0%)
  3. San Francisco 49ers Under 4.5 (83.3%)
  4. Los Angeles Rams Under 5.5 (77.4%)
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars Under 6.5 (76.9%)

The 2017 NFL season doesn’t start for several months, but most sportsbooks have already posted odds for Week 1. Make sure to view these odds along with the latest public betting trends by visiting our free NFL odds page.

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