2016 Presidential Election Betting: Trump vs Clinton Final Debate Props

2016 Presidential Election Betting: Trump vs Clinton Final Debate Props

On Wednesday night, America will have one last opportunity to see the two leading presidential candidates duke it out on the world’s biggest stage.

The third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is set for 9 PM ET and takes place at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. It will be televised live on all the major networks, with Chris Wallace of Fox News acting as the moderator. Some major topics expected to be discussed during the 90-minute showdown include immigration, the economy and foreign policy.

Clinton has the upper hand heading into the final debate. The former Secretary of State, First Lady and New York Senator is ahead by 11 points (48% to 37%) in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

At Bookmaker, a sharp sportsbook with higher limits, Clinton is currently -740 to win the 2016 Election. Meanwhile, Trump is currently +530.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Clinton has an 88% chance to win the White House in November.

In fact, Clinton has become such a shoe-in that Paddy Power, a popular Irish bookmaker, has already begun paying out Clinton bets.

In Wednesday’s debate, Clinton will look to play it safe and not make any major gaffes or blunders that could open the door for a Trump comeback. Meanwhile, Trump is on the ropes and will likely pull out all the stops in a desperate attempt to get back in the game.

Just as we did for the first and second debate, the team at Sports Insights has compiled the top prop bets around the marketplace for the final presidential grudge-match.

The following props come from 5Dimes, a sharper sportsbook that caters to big players.

  1. Will Clinton say “Trump University”? Yes +170, No -230
  2. Will Clinton say “Billy Bush”? Yes +400, No -600
  3. Will Clinton say “Tiny Hands”? Yes +2500, No -7500
  4. Will Clinton say “Basket of Deplorables”? Yes +3500, No -13500
  5. Will Trump say “Bill Clinton”? Yes -565, No +375
  6. Will Trump say “Paul Ryan”? Yes +265, No -385
  7. Will Trump say “Crooked Hillary”? Yes +260, No -380
  8. Will Trump say “Build a Wall”? Yes +160, No -210
  9. Will Trump say “Drug Test”? Yes +250, No -350
  10. Will Trump say “Locker Room Talk”? Yes +110, No -150
  11. Will Trump say “Make America Great Again”? Yes -430, No +310
  12. Will Trump say “I Was Wrong”? Yes +400, No -600
  13. Will Trump say “Rigged Deal”? Yes +210, No -290
  14. Will Trump say “Total Fabrication”? Yes +180, No -260
  15. Will Trump say “Wikileaks”? Yes -1200, No +600
  16. Will Trump say “Mass Deportation”? Yes +290, No -410
  17. Will Trump say “The Clinton Foundation”? Yes -320, No +240
  18. Will Trump say “The Obama Administration”? Yes -130, No -110
  19. Will Trump say “Founded ISIS”? Yes +500, No -900
  20. Will Trump say “Unbelievable”? Yes -390, No +270
  21. Will either candidate say “Yoga”? Yes +180, No -260
  22. Will either candidate say “Marijuana”? Yes +600, No -1200
  23. Will either candidate say “Liar”? Yes -210, No +160
  24. Will either candidate say “Global Warming”? Yes +130, No -170
  25. Will either candidate say “Benghazi”? Yes -350, No +250

Now let’s take a look at some other props available at BetOnline.

  1. Will the 3rd debate have more viewers than 1st (84M)? Yes +600, No -1000
  2. Will the 3rd debate have move viewers than 2nd (66.5M)? Yes +130, No -160
  3. Will Trump say “Goldman Sachs”? Yes -350, No +260
  4. Will Trump say “Totally Dishonest”? Yes +240, No -300
  5. Will Trump say “Locker Room Talk”? Yes +120, No -150
  6. Will Trump say “Drug Test”? Yes +325, No -450
  7. Will either candidate say “All Lives Matter”? Yes +500, No -800
  8. Will either candidate say “Black Lives Matter”? Yes +450, No -700
  9. Will either candidate say “Blue Lives Matter”? Yes +800, No -1500
  10. Will either candidate say “Trump TV”? Yes +450, No -700

Finally, here is a list of prop bets available at Bovada, a squarer book with lower limits that attracts public bettors.

  1. Will Trump and Clinton shake hands before the debate? Yes -120, No -120
  2. Who will be the first to interrupt the other? Trump -300, Clinton +200
  3. Which network will have the most viewers? NBC -200, ABC +175, CBS +500, FOX +900
  4. How many times will Trump say “rig” or “rigged”? Over 4.5 (+100), Under 4.5 (-140)
  5. How many times will Trump say “Make America Great Again”? 3 or more (-105), One or less (-135)
  6. How many times will Trump say “Tremendous”? Over 8.5 (+110), Under 8.5 (-150)
  7. How many times will Wikileaks be said? Over 3.5 (-135), Under 3.5 (-105)
  8. What color tie will Trump wear? Red -200, Blue +300, Yellow/Gold +400, Black +2000, Other +600
  9. What color jacket will Clinton wear? Blue -150, Red +500, White +500, Black +750. Yellow/Gold +1000, Other +500
  10. How many viewers will the 3rd debate garner? Over 63.6 million (+150), Under 63.6 million (-200)


Josh Appelbaum, Customer Service Manager: Locker Room Talk +120 (BetOnline)

Trump has been under heavy scrutiny ever since a leaked tape emerged showing him bragging about sexually assaulting women. Hillary is up big with female voters and she will look to increase this divide by highlighting Trump’s vulgar comments. Once Hillary brings it up, Trump will deploy the “locker room talk” defense. This prop is +110 at 5Dimes but it’s +120 at BetOnline. Grab the extra ten cents and enjoy the plus-money payout.

Nicole Patti, Marketing Coordinator: Drug Test +325 (BetOnline)

Considering how adamant Trump has been that his opponent was on drugs during the second debate, I have a feeling he’s going to bring it up on Wednesday night. I can already picture it: Trump will wait until the end of the debate, say he wasn’t going to go there but he just had to, and then he’ll go there. Is this not the pot calling the kettle black? Kind of ironic considering Trump is the one who was incessantly sniffling during the first two debates. Shop for the best line and bet this prop at BetOnline (+325) not 5Dimes (+250).

Andrew Fine, Sports Information Specialist: Rig or Rigged Over 4.5 +100 (Bovada)

Less than a month away from Election Day, Trump’s campaign is faltering at the wrong time. Trump’s public support is sinking like a rock and he’s currently facing a double-digit deficit in the polls. Lately, Trump has been pushing the conspiracy theory that the Election is rigged, which gives him a good excuse to exploit if he ends up losing big. Just like the finale of the 4th of July fireworks, Trump is likely to wow the crowd, rapidly unleashing a flurry of comments that include the term “rig” or “rigged,” easily passing the total of 4.5 in the process.

Mark Gallant, Sports Information Specialist: Yoga No -260 (5Dimes)

5Dimes believes that there is about a 36% chance that one of the candidates will say “yoga” during the debate. Personally, I feel that there is probably less than a 10% chance that it’s said. At -260, the payout isn’t great, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value.


Will you be watching the final presidential debate on Wednesday night? Among the prop bets listed above, which are providing the most value? Is Clinton a shoe-in to win the presidency? Or does Trump still have a chance to shock the world and win the White House on November 8th?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Josh Appelbaum

Josh Appelbaum is the Customer Service Manager and Betting Hangout Host at Sports Insights. You can reach him directly at joshua.appelbaum@actionnetwork.com or on Twitter at @Josh_Insights

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