2016 Presidential Election Betting: Trump vs Clinton Round 2 Debate Props

2016 Presidential Election Betting: Trump vs Clinton Round 2 Debate Props

On Sunday night, two of the most polarizing figures in American politics will once again go head-to-head on the world’s biggest stage.

The highly anticipated second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump takes place at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. It begins at 9 PM ET and will be hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz. Unlike the first debate, the two candidates will field questions directly from voters in a Town Hall-style format. The third and final debate is scheduled for October 19th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Election Day is on Tuesday November 8th.

In the first debate, Clinton scored a decisive victory. The former Secretary of State appeared calm, collected and well-versed on the issues. Meanwhile, Trump came off as erratic, scatter-brained and unprepared.

In case you missed it, here is Saturday Night Live’s hilarious debate recap.

How do we know that Clinton won the first debate? Simple: her 2016 odds soared, while Trump’s plummeted.

With Election Day just one month away, the momentum is clearly on Clinton’s side. As it stands now, she is -365 to win the presidency at Bookmaker, one of the sharpest sportsbooks on the market. For those unfamiliar with betting terminology, -365 translates to a 78% implied probability.

Trump is currently +280 to win the White House (26% implied probability). The billionaire real-estate mogul needs a big bounce-back performance Sunday night in order to close the gap and get back in the game.

Just as we did for the first debate, we have highlighted the top prop bets around the marketplace.

The following props are available at BetOnline

  1. Will Clinton say “Basket of Deplorables”? Yes +2000, No -5000
  2. Will Clinton say “Tiny Hands”? Yes +2500, No -8000
  3. Will Clinton say “Trump University”? Yes -150, No +120
  4. Will Clinton say “Trumped Up Trickle Down”? Yes +260, No -350
  5. Will Trump say “Brexit”? Yes -120, No -110
  6. Will Trump say “British Pound”? Yes +400, No -600
  7. Will Trump say “Build a Wall”? Yes +260, No -350
  8. Will Trump say “Crooked Hillary”? Yes +240, No -300
  9. Will Trump say “David Cameron”? Yes +300, No -400
  10. Will Trump say “England”? Yes +165, No -205
  11. Will Trump say “Founded ISIS”? Yes +500, No -800
  12. Will Trump say “The Chinese”? Yes -145, No +115
  13. Will Trump say “The Obama Administration”? Yes +125, No -155
  14. Will Trump say “The Russians”? Yes -130, No +100
  15. Will Trump say “Make America Great Again”? Yes -500, No +350
  16. How many times will Trump say “Lie, Lies or Liar”? Over 4.5 (-155), Under 4.5 (-185)
  17. How many times will Trump say “Wrong”? Over 3.5 (-140), Under 3.5 (+110)
  18. Will either candidate say “Alec Baldwin”? Yes +700, No -1250
  19. Will either candidate say “All Lives Matter”? Yes +450, No -700
  20. Will either candidate say “Black Lives Matter”? Yes +400, No -600
  21. Will either candidate say “Blue Lives Matter”? Yes +800, No -1500
  22. Will either candidate say “Bernie Sanders”? Yes -150, No +120
  23. Will either candidate say “Gary Johnson”? Yes +850, No -1600
  24. Will either candidate say “Climate Change”? Yes -220, No +175
  25. Will either candidate say “Global Warming”? Yes -150, No +120
  26. Will either candidate say “Background Checks”? Yes -175, No +145

Now let’s take a look at some more props available at Bovada, a squarer book with lower limits.

  1. Will the 2nd debate garner more viewers than the first (84 million)? Yes +170, No -250
  2. Will Trump say “Huge”? Yes -250, No +170
  3. Will Trump say “Bigly/Big League” Yes +100, No -140
  4. Will Trump invent another word during the debate? Yes +350, No -600
  5. Which network will have the most viewers? NBC (-225), ABC (+150), CBS (+300), FOX (+550)
  6. How many times will Trump say “Tremendous”? Over 6.5 (-120), Under 6.5 (-120)
  7. How many times will “Russia'” be said during the debate? Over 12.5 (-110), Under 12.5 (-130)
  8. How many times will “Mexico” be said during the debate? Over 4.5 (-110), Under 4.5 (-130)
  9. How many times will “China” be said during the debate? Over 9.5 (-110), Under 9.5 (-130)
  10. What color will Clinton’s jacket be? Blue (-175), White or Other (+400), Yellow/Gold (+600), Black (+1000), Red (+3300)
  11. What color will Trump’s tie be? Red (-250), Yellow/Gold (+175), Other (+500), Black/Blue (+3000)


Josh Appelbaum, Customer Service Manager: Climate Change -220 (BetOnline)

Normally, I gravitate toward plus-money props, however this one is too good to pass up. Clinton needs to shore up her support among Millennials and progressives who voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. One of the best ways to do that is to hammer home her commitment to fighting climate change. Meanwhile, Trump has denied the reality of climate change and even called it a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese. Clinton would be remiss not to highlight this stark contrast.

Nicole Patti, Marketing Coordinator: Huge -250 (Bovada)

HUGE announcement (not really). I’m pretty sure Trump say “huge” at least once during the second presidential debate. Has he ever not dropped “huge” during a speech or interview? To be honest, I think the real prop should be whether he’ll say “yuge.”

Andrew Fine, Sports Information Specialist: Gary Johnson +850 (BetOnline)

It’s been a rough stretch for Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, although I’m uncertain that receiving a mere 7% of the popular vote (per 538’s Election Forecast) warrants the title “candidate” in this two-party election. Recently, the former governor of New Mexico has been scrutinized after committing a series of public blunders. First he came under fire after asking “What is Aleppo” during an appearance on Morning Joe. Then, he could not name a single foreign leader that he admired. Johnson’s latest gaffe was his inability to name the leader of North Korea (Kim Jong-Un). Conventional wisdom suggests that Johnson is low-hanging fruit, and with the election expected to be a tight race, both candidates would be smart to highlight his gaffes in order to sway undecided voters away from the third party candidate.


Will you be watching Sunday night’s debate? Do any of the props lists above interest you? Can Trump bounce back with a strong performance? Or will Clinton go two-for-two and strengthen her position as the front-runner?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Josh Appelbaum

Josh Appelbaum is the Customer Service Manager and Betting Hangout Host at Sports Insights. You can reach him directly at joshua.appelbaum@actionnetwork.com or on Twitter at @Josh_Insights

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