2014-15 NBA Divisional Odds

2014-15 NBA Divisional Odds

BWin was one of the first major offshore sportsbooks to have posted Divisional Odds in addition to NBA Futures and Rookie of the Year odds. Early in the year we also highlighted the 2014-15 NBA Win Totals for all 30 NBA teams along with odds for the league’s leading scorer next season.

Below examines the NBA Divisional odds at BWin along with the implied probability for each team, and their updated odds at Sportsbook.com. It’s worth noting that the implied odds for each division add up to roughly 120% meaning that Bwin is using a fairly standard 20-cent juice on this prop.

Atlantic Division

TeamSportsbk 1/8BWin 8/23Preseason Implied Probability
Toronto Raptors-1400+10050.00%
Brooklyn Nets+800+17536.36%
Boston Celtics+10000+16005.88%
New York Knicks+50000+30025%
Philadelphia 76ers+100000+50001.96%

Central Division

TeamSportsbk 1/8BWin 8/23Preseason Implied Probability
Chicago Bulls-800+14041.67%
Cleveland Cavaliers+300-18064.28%
Milwaukee Bucks+10000+100000.99%
Detroit Pistons+25000+40002.44%
Indiana Pacers+50000+75011.76%

Southeast Division

TeamSportsbk 1/8BWin 8/23Preseason Implied Probability
Atlanta Hawks-220+35022.22%
Washington Wizards+160+19034.48%
Miami Heat+30000+19034.48%
Orlando Magic +150000+35002.78%
Charlotte Hornets+250000+30025.00%

Northwest Division

TeamSportsbk 1/8BWin 8/23Preseason Implied Probability
Portland Trail Blazers-2000+23030.30%
Oklahoma City Thunder+600-33076.75%
Denver Nuggets+30000+14006.67%
Utah Jazz+200000+75001.32%
Minnesota T'Wolves+500000+30003.23%

Pacific Division

TeamSportsbk 1/8BWin 8/23Preseason Implied Probability
Golden State Warriors-500+16038.46%
Los Angeles Clippers+300-16061.54%
Phoenix Suns+20000+60014.29%
Los Angeles Lakers+500000+45002.17%
Sacramento Kings+250000+45002.17%

Southwest Division

TeamSporstbk 1/8BWin 8/23Preseason Implied Probability
Dallas Mavericks+200+60014.29%
San Antonio Spurs+260-12054.55%
Memphis Grizzlies+300+45018.18%
Houston Rockets+320+23030.30%
New Orleans Pelicans+7500+40002.44%

Two of the most interesting races are in Eastern Conference with the Atlantic and Southeast Division. Despite losing LeBron James to the Cavaliers, the Miami Heat (+190) are the co-favorites in the Southeast alongside the Washington Wizards. In fact, there are four teams listed at +350 or better meaning that oddsmakers believe this is the tightest divisional battle in basketball.

In the Atlantic Division, the Toronto Raptors (+100) are slight favorites over the two New York teams, but I’m more interested in the Brooklyn Nets. Last off-season the Nets pulled off a blockbuster trade which essentially sent the Boston Celtics three first round draft picks in exchange for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry. Although KG is the only player still on the team (Pierce signed with Washington this off-season) a healthy Brook Lopez could make Brooklyn a force to be reckoned with.

The Nets could potentially be starting five current or former All-Stars next season (Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Andrei Kirilenko, Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez) along with up-and-coming big man Mason Plumlee off the bench. If they can live up to their potential, +175 seems like a great price in what might be basketball’s weakest division.

Who do you think will be the six division winners next season? Which teams do you think are being undervalued? Can the Heat win the Southeast Division without LeBron James? Please leave any thoughts or comments in the section below.

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