2014-15 NBA Win Totals

2014-15 NBA Win Totals

The NBA season doesn’t tip-off until October 28th when the San Antonio Spurs host the Dallas Mavericks, but oddsmakers have already begun posting a number of prop bets and futures for the upcoming season. Earlier today we posted 2014-15 NBA MVP odds and we’ve been updating the movement of the futures market throughout the off-season, but season win totals always represent an interesting opportunity for bettors.

Following the 2014-15 NBA schedule, the sportsbook Bwin posted their win total projections for all 30 teams. To nobody’s surprise, the San Antonio Spurs and the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers opened with the highest win total (tied at 57.5). However, these win totals did not match up identically with the futures at some of the sharper offshore sportsbooks.

While there was generally consensus regarding the league’s top teams, there were some discrepancies. For example, the Houston Rockets season win total (48.5) was lower than the Memphis Grizzlies (50.5) despite the fact that the Rockets odds of winning the NBA Championship (+1300) are far greater than the Grizzlies (+5000).

Considering that both of these teams are members of the Western Conference and will play a similar strength of schedule, this is truly perplexing. I would imagine these odds will be updated shortly, but in the meantime betting under 50.5 wins for the Grizzlies seems like a solid bet. That opinion was essentially confirmed on Tuesday (9/30) when the Westgate Superbook opened the Grizzlies win total at just 48.5.

The table below compares the current win totals at two offshore sportsbooks (Bovada, Bwin) and one Las Vegas sportsbook (Westgate) along with the current futures at 5Dimes. We will continue to update this table as more books report.

TeamBovada (10/10)Westgate (10/1)Bwin (8/15)5Dimes (8/15)
Atlanta Hawks41.540.544.5+8500
Boston Celtics26.526.528.5+10000
Brooklyn Nets41.541.539.5+5500
Charlotte Hornets4545.543.5+8000
Chicago Bulls54.555.555.5+675
Cleveland Cavaliers58.558.557.5+425
Dallas Mavericks5049.548.5+2800
Denver Nuggets41.540.544.5+9500
Detroit Pistons35.536.536.5+16000
Golden State Warriors51.550.549.5+2300
Houston Rockets49.549.548.5+1300
Indiana Pacers3332.538.5+4500
Los Angeles Clippers55.555.555.5+1000
Los Angeles Lakers32.531.533.5+8000
Memphis Grizzlies4948.550.5+5000
Miami Heat4443.543.5+3000
Milwaukee Bucks2424.520.5+30000
Minnesota T-Wolves26.525.525.5+20000
New Orleans Pelicans4341.541.5+13000
New York Knicks4140.536.5+7000
Oklahoma City Thunder57.557.556.5+550
Orlando Magic27.528.527.5+24000
Philadelphia 76ers16.515.517.5+25000
Phoenix Suns44.542.542.5+7500
Portland Trail Blazers4948.546.5+3500
Sacramento Kings29.530.526.5+13000
San Antonio Spurs5756.557.5+325
Toronto Raptors48.549.547.5+7000
Utah Jazz24.525.522.5+25000
Washington Wizards49.549.550.5+3000

Another interesting comparison involves the LeBron James former running crew — the Miami Heat. Although the Heat lost King James to the Cavs in the off-season, they were able to re-sign Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh while adding Luol Deng via free agency.

These moves should keep them competitive, however, their win total is just 43.5 which trails or ties fellow Eastern Conference teams like the Raptors (47.5), Hawks (44.5) and Hornets (43.5). Despite lower win totals than these teams, the Heat’s title chances (+3000) are markedly better than the Raptors (+7000), Hawks (+8500) and Hornets (+8000). With teams writing the Heat off following the loss of LeBron, it would appear that there could be some value on over 43.5 wins for Miami.

Some of the largest discrepancies between these two books include the Pacers (32.5 vs. 38.5), Hawks (40.5 vs. 44.5), Nuggets (40.5 vs. 44.5), Knicks (40.5 vs. 36.5), Kings (30.5 vs. 26.5) and Bucks (24.5 vs. 20.5).

Which teams will you be betting? Do you also expect a lot of odds movement when sharper sportsbooks like CRIS and Pinnacle post win totals? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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  • Benjamin Brackman
    10/11/2014 at 2:51 am

    I believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers could go 72-10 this season.

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