Who Will be the NFL’s Top Scoring Team In 2014-15?

Who Will be the NFL’s Top Scoring Team In 2014-15?

We frequently examine and analyze various proposition bets from offshore sportsbooks, but it’s not every day that we see something truly unique. However, earlier this week BetOnline posted a prop regarding the total points scored for all 32 NFL teams for the upcoming season. For each team there are three options, all with plus money. The actual point totals vary for each team, but the moneylines are the same for the over (+175), a fifty point middle range (+160), and the under (+175).

According to oddsmakers, the top scoring teams are expected to be (in order): Denver, New England and New Orleans followed by a three-team tie between Philadelphia, Seattle and San Francisco. At the other end of the spectrum Oakland, Jacksonville and Cleveland are expected to be the three worst offenses in football followed by a tie between Tampa Bay and the New York Jets.

The table below displays the 2014-15 point totals for each team along with their scoring output from the past season. It will be interesting to see if any additional sportsbooks post this prop bet, but if they do rest assured that we will be quick to add them.

TeamOver (+175)Range (+160)Under (+175)2013-14 Points
Denver Broncos495.5446 to 495445.5606
New England Patriots484.5435 to 484434.5444
New Orleans Saints464.5415 to 464414.5414
Philadelphia Eagles449.5400 to 449399.5442
Seattle Seahawks449.5400 to 449399.5417
San Francisco 49ers449.5400 to 449399.5406
Green Bay Packers445.5396 to 445395.5417
Indianapolis Colts430.5381 to 430380.5391
Dallas Cowboys424.5375 to 424374.5439
Chicago Bears424.5375 to 424374.5445
Detroit Lions414.5365 to 414364.5395
Cincinnati Bengals409.5360 to 409359.5430
Atlanta Falcons409.5360 to 409359.5353
Kansas City Chiefs404.5355 to 404354.5430
Baltimore Ravens395.5346 to 395345.5320
Pittsburgh Steelers389.5340 to 389339.5379
Minnesota Vikings389.5340 to 389339.5391
San Diego Chargers389.5340 to 389339.5396
Arizona Cardinals384.5335 to 384334.5379
Washington Redskins384.5335 to 384334.5334
Carolina Panthers384.5335 to 384334.5366
New York Giants379.5330 to 379329.5294
Miami Dolphins374.5325 to 374324.5317
Tennessee Titans369.5320 to 369319.5362
St. Louis Rams369.5320 to 369319.5348
Houston Texans364.5315 to 364314.5276
Buffalo Bills364.5315 to 364314.5339
New York Jets354.5305 to 354304.5290
Tampa Bay Buccaneers354.5305 to 304.5304.5288
Cleveland Browns335.5286 to 335285.5308
Jacksonville Jaguars324.5275 to 324274.5247
Oakland Raiders314.5265 to 314264.5322

It’s interesting to see that bettors can get +175 on over 495.5 points for the Denver Broncos considering the team scored 606 points last season — a 110.5 point difference. Although they lost WR Eric Decker and RB Knowshon Moreno over the off-season, they added former Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders and will hand the reigns over to 2013 2nd-round pick Montee Ball in the backfield. It will be interesting to see if the Broncos offense regresses to the extent that oddsmakers are projecting.

Bettors should also be familiar with the implied betting odds as a +175 moneyline correlates to an implied probability of 36.36% and +160 equates to an implied probability of 38.46%. If you add those three percentages together (38.46 + 36.36 + 36.36) you get 111.18. That works out to a fairly reasonable 11-cent juice which is definitely less than many prop bets.

Do you agree that Denver will once again have the league’s top offense? Are there any bets here that you think are offering value? Please leave any opinions in the comment section below.

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