Which Quarterback Will Be Benched Next?

Which Quarterback Will Be Benched Next?

Last week, Bookmaker posted odds on which quarterback would be benched first. Thanks to Tom Savage, that prop bet lasted one entire half! He was the +220 co-favorite to win the initial prop along with Blake Bortles.

Bookmaker wants more action, though, and they’ve opened up a new prop: which quarterback will be benched next?

Quarterback9/11 (Bookmaker)
Mike Glennon+250
Blake Bortles+280
Josh McCown+300
Tyrod Taylor+500
Jay Cutler+600
DeShone Kizer+1000
Trevor Siemian+2000
Sam Bradford+3000

Mike Glennon of the Bears tops the new list at +250. He also tops the odds list for “Which NFL player is most likely part giraffe?”

He did fairly well against the Falcons yesterday and could’ve potentially won if Jordan Howard didn’t drop the ball at the goal line at the end of the game. He ended up going 26-40 with 213 yards and 1 TD. He will have a tough time going forward, though, as Cam Meredith and Kevin White, perhaps his two best targets, are out for the year.

The Jaguars played great yesterday in Houston, but Bortles…not so much. He only went 11-21 for 125 yards, but at least he didn’t throw a pick. He will have to make do without his best receiver for the rest of the year, though, as Allen Robinson tore his ACL just minutes into the game. The Bears are obviously waiting to give Mitch Trubisky a shot, but the Jaguars really have no real reason to bench Bortles for Henne unless his play is glaringly terrible.

Josh McCown did the worst of the three favorites, throwing two picks in his Jets debut. He threw the ball quite often and did manage to go 26-39, but only managed to get 187 yards for his trouble. Do the Jets even bother giving Petty or Hackenberg a chance?

One final thought…where’s Andy Dalton on this list?


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