Which Quarterback Will be Benched First in 2017?

Which Quarterback Will be Benched First in 2017?

Nine poor SOBs have been selected by Bookmaker to represent the NFL on the “first QB to be benched” prop. Make it be understood that this only counts for the first benching due to performance reasons, not injury.

Quarterback9/4 (Bookmaker)
Blake Bortles+220
Tom Savage +220
Mike Glennon+360
Josh McCown+550
Tyrod Taylor+650
Jay Cutler+700
DeShone Kizer+1500
Trevor Siemian+2000
Sam Bradford+3000

The two favorites on the list are there for entirely different reasons. Blake Bortles spent the preseason baffling onlookers with his abysmal performances, leading many to believe that Chad Henne, one of the best backup quarterbacks in  the league, would get the week 1 start. However, the Jaguars, whose logo can be seen in Miriam-Webster’s under “role-model franchise”, opted to stick with their once promising QB prospect. If he has a rough couple of weeks to start the year, Henne will get the call pretty darn soon.

Also at +220 is Tom Savage of the Texans. In September of 2016, I doubt many Texans fans would have expected Savage would be their starter (by choice) for week 1 of 2017. Heck, not even Savage’s parents…dear old Ben Savage and his loving wife Topanga.

However, with Deshaun Watson waiting in the wing, he may not have the job for long. One would have to imagine that the Texans are waiting for the first excuse they can get to start the rookie, meaning Savage probably won’t have much room for error.

Jay Cutler is sixth on the list at +700. I initially liked the value here, but I figure the Dolphins will give him a few chances before turning to backup legend Matt Moore. If Cutler does get benched, he may just ask to be released. With that being said, it may take a handful of subpar games before the Dolphins decide to burn that bridge. Given the other QB situations around the league, it’s likely someone else will be riding the pine first.

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