Updated 2016 NFL Win Totals

Updated 2016 NFL Win Totals

With the NFL preseason winding down, most bettors should have a good idea of where their team stands. If you haven’t done so already, it is probably the time to put some money down win total bets on a few teams you feel good (or bad) about.

BetOnline has been actively adjusting their NFL win totals, and there has been some interesting line movement over the past few weeks. Not included in the latest win totals are the four teams from the NFC East due to the Tony Romo injury.

Over the past three weeks, nine teams saw their win total move by a half win, including several of the best teams in the league. Green Bay and New England both moved from 10.5 to 11, with Arizona and Minnesota’s totals also increased by a half win. Meanwhile, Denver and Indianapolis both went down from 9.5 to 9.

Something else worth examining are the win totals that CG Technology posted back in February. Six teams have moved by at least one win compared to today’s BetOnline totals: Arizona (9.5 to 10.5), Chicago (6.5 to 7.5), Jacksonville (6 to 7.5), Minnesota (9 to 10), Oakland (7.5 to 8.5), and Tampa Bay (6.5 to 7.5). Note that all of these big moves have win totals going up, rather than down. Have bettors overvalued these trendy teams, leaving value on the under?

The Jaguars are the only team that saw their win total increase by 1.5 wins over the summer, which may surprise some. After winning just five games last year, the Jaguars added several solid players in free agency and the draft. They’ll also be getting back the third overall pick from the 2015 draft, Dante Fowler, who missed all of last season with a torn ACL. With their slew of talented, young offensive weapons, it makes sense that many have high (or at least mediocre) hopes for Jacksonville.

Some of the juice is still a bit crazy (Titans over 5.5 -185, Chargers over 7 -160, Jets under 8 -160), but that also provides a decent payout if you decide to go contrarian and take the other side.

TeamBetonline (8/29)Betonline (8/9)
Arizona Cardinals10.5 (u -125)10 (o -160)
Atlanta Falcons7.5 (u -140)7.5 (u -140)
Baltimore Ravens8 (o -145)8 (o -140)
Buffalo Bills8 (u -130)8 (o -125)
Carolina Panthers10.5 (u -120)10.5 (o -125)
Chicago Bears7.5 (u -140) 7.5 (u -145)
Cincinnati Bengals9.5 (u -120)9.5 (o -125)
Cleveland Browns5 (u -125)5 (u -125)
Dallas CowboysN/A9.5 (u -145)
Denver Broncos99.5 (u -160)
Detroit Lions7 (o -120)7.5 (u -140)
Green Bay Packers11 (u -130) 10.5 (o -175)
Houston Texans8.5 (u -120) 8.5 (o -140)
Indianapolis Colts9 (u -125) 9.5 (u -160)
Jacksonville Jaguars7.5 (o -120) 7.5 (o -135)
Kansas City Chiefs9.5 (o -130) 9.5 (o -140)
Los Angeles Rams7 (u -150) 7.5 (u -170)
Miami Dolphins7 (u -130) 7 (o -130)
Minnesota Vikings10 (u -130) 9.5 (o -150)
New England Patriots11 (u -130) 10.5 (o -150)
New Orleans Saints7 (o -130) 7 (u -120)
New York GiantsN/A8 (o -140)
New York Jets8 (u -160) 8 (u -150)
Oakland Raiders8.5 (o -115) 8.5 (o -135)
Philadelphia Eagles N/A7 (u -150)
Pittsburgh Steelers10.5 (u -130) 10.5 (o -140)
San Diego Chargers7 (o -160) 7 (o -155)
San Francisco 49ers5.5 (u -130) 5.5 (u -130)
Seattle Seahawks10.5 (o -140) 10.5 (o -145)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.5 (u -130) 7 (o -125)
Tennessee Titans5.5 (o -185)5.5 (o -160)
Washington RedskinsN/A7.5 (o -125)

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