Top 10 Most Likely Super Bowl LII Matchups

Top 10 Most Likely Super Bowl LII Matchups

Heading into the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, we’ve listed the 10 most probable Super Bowl LII matchups based on odds offered at 5Dimes.

New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings (+285)

New England is the clear-cut Super Bowl favorite at +178 with Minnesota next in line at +375. However, due to home-field advantage, the Vikings could actually end up being favored in this matchup.

New England Patriots vs. New Orleans Saints (+580)

New Orleans is currently a 4-point underdog to Minnesota, but oddsmakers still think there’s a decent chance the Saints pull off the upset and give us the Brady vs. Brees matchup we sorely deserve.

New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons (+678)

28-3, need I say more?

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings (+679)

Should New England stumble, Pittsburgh is next in line to win the AFC at +255.

New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles (+802)

Philadelphia may be the first No. 1 seed ever to be an underdog to a No. 6 seed, but oddsmakers still see this as a Top 5 Super Bowl matchup, in terms of likelihood.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New Orleans Saints (+1375)

With New England’s matchups all accounted for, Pittsburgh now dominates the next few, starting with New Orleans.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons (+1590)

Considering the ability of both quarterbacks to make deep playoff runs, this is an interesting matchup at a price of +1590.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles (+1860)

Whatever the price, it’s tough to imagine Nick Foles pulling off two-straight upsets to emerge from the NFC.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Minnesota Vikings (+2700)

We’re now entering long-shot territory with Jacksonville (currently +1125 to win the AFC) making a run to the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New Orleans Saints (+5200)

The Top 10 likeliest matchups rounds out at a hefty +5200 should Jacksonville and New Orleans meet in Super Bowl 52.

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