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WNBA Betting Opportunities

With the NBA and NHL coming to a close, the sports betting marketplace starts to look pretty barren.  While MLB has been profitable using Sports Insights' betting systems, it's prudent to look at some of...

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Wednesday Sports Marketplace: NBA

Before we take a look at today's sports marketplace, we wanted to highlight SportsInsights' book, "Sports Investing" hitting #1 in its Sports>Gambling category on Amazon. In today's NBA marketplace, there are several games with lopsided betting...

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NFL Opening Line Report Week 8

Thanks for all of the great comments on last week's NFL Opening Line Report (Week 7).  We appreciate the comments and enjoy bouncing ideas and trends around -- with our members! The opening lines are out...

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How to Handle Contradicting Plays

One of the major reasons differs from its competitors is the Betting System Plays offered to Premium Pro Members. These Betting Systems offer Smart Money and Steam Moves based on information received from online...

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