NFL Opening Line Report Week 8

NFL Opening Line Report Week 8

Thanks for all of the great comments on last week’s NFL Opening Line Report (Week 7).  We appreciate the comments and enjoy bouncing ideas and trends around — with our members!

The opening lines are out for next weekend’s NFL action, and what does the early betting action say?  Please visit our blog and read our series of Sports Marketwatch articles for updated information during the week.

SportsInsights’ NFL Marketwatch has been hot, running its streak to 8 wins in a row over the past few weeks.

Detroit Lions vs. Washington Redskins

We exclaim, “What?!”  The lowly Lions favored over the Washington Redskins?  How things change over time.  The Detroit Lions still appear to be one of the league’s doormats, at 1-5 (following a 2-14 record last year).  Meanwhile, the 4-3 Redskins have alternated between being solid competitors this year — and losing tough, close, games.

But enough “handicapping.”  Our readers know that we study the sports marketplace, and this game is currently one of the heaviest-bet games of the week.  And interestingly, most of the Public is getting down on the Redskins.  However, early sharp action on the Lions has pushed the line from the opener of Lions -1 to Lions -3!

We note that the point differential for both teams is about break-even.

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
Washington Redskins 2943 70% +1 +3
Detroit Lions 30% -1 -3

Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Another game that has some interesting market activity is the Bill-Chiefs match-up.  The Bills have just 37% of the bets, but there has been a lot of “reverse line movement” from the opener of KC -9 down to KC -7.5.  This reverse line movement has triggered some “sharp money” alerts on Buffalo.

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
Buffalo Bills 2426 37% +9 +7.5
Kansas City Chiefs 63% -9 -7.5

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