How to Handle Contradicting Plays

How to Handle Contradicting Plays

One of the major reasons differs from its competitors is the Betting System Plays offered to Premium Pro Members. These Betting Systems offer Smart Money and Steam Moves based on information received from online sportsbooks. Sometimes the plays will offer contradicting information, with moves on both teams competing in the same game. In a situation like this, suggests the following:

1) Taking the side with the Sportsbook that has performed better throughout the season (shown by +/- units.)
2) Staying away if Sportsbooks have very similar performance records.

Sports Insights tracks this sports information for your benefit to help aide you in making a decision on which side to take. If searching through the games for this information is not your preference, then check out our Best Bets and Square Plays … as they signify the best-performing plays of the day, as chosen by the Sports Insights Staff.

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