NCAA Football Opening Line Report Week 12

NCAA Football Opening Line Report Week 12

SportsInsights’ methods of finding value in NCAA Football remain red-hot — with SportsInsights Square Plays racking up another 3-1, bringing its year-to-date totals to 70% and +19 units.

With Bowl Season coming up, there are NCAA Football games every day of the week starting on Tuesday (tomorrow) — so keep your browser tuned to for the latest sports marketplace information.

The opening lines are out for this coming week’s college football games, and depending on what sportsbook you use, you may want to check out the current line movement and the latest lines – based on our Opening Line Report below.  Please visit our blog and read our series of Sports Marketwatch articles for updated information during the week.

Michigan vs. Wisconsin

Early in the week, this game is already one of the heaviest-bet games of the week.  Wisconsin is on the fringe of National Title hopes, and will most likely be “on the outside looking in” — but as a top-ranked team, they are collecting a huge 83% of the bets.  In addition, Wisconsin’s 83-20 romp last week raised a lot of eyebrows — but may lead to some value for contrarian sports investors.

Michigan presents a tougher challenge for Wisconsin, and it appears that “sharps” are jumping on Michigan because of the “reverse line movement.”  CRIS opened the line at Wisc -5.5 and has moved the line down to Wisc -4.5, even with a large majority of bets taking Wisconsin.

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
Wisconsin 1146 83% -5.5 -4
Michigan 17% +5.5 +4

Iowa vs. Ohio State

Similar to the Wisconsin-Michigan game above, the Iowa-Ohio State match-up has a top-ranked team (# 8 Ohio State) gathering a large percentage of bets.  And similarly, the home underdog is getting the backing of some “big money.”

The “big money” is often a sign of “sharps” — and causes reverse line movement because the larger, smart, money — overwhelms the large majority of the bets by the general Public (which often bets smaller amounts).

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
Ohio State 814 74% -4.5 -3
Iowa 26% +4.5 +3
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