2014 College Football: Coaches Poll vs AP Poll vs Futures Odds

2014 College Football: Coaches Poll vs AP Poll vs Futures Odds

The first edition of the Coaches Poll came out for the 2014-15 college football season a few weeks back, and more recently the AP Poll was released. While it’s not expected that the rankings will fall perfectly aligned with oddsmakers’ title odds, there are some glaring differences in perceptions of many SEC teams. The table below compares each school’s preseason Coaches Poll rank and AP Poll rank with how their title odds rank at 5Dimes.

 5Dimes Odds (Rank)Coaches Poll RankAP Poll Rank
Florida State+450 (1)11
Alabama+700 (2)22
Oregon+1000 (3)43
Ohio State+1150 (4)65
Auburn+1200 (5)56
Oklahoma+1300 (6)34
Georgia+2100 (7)1212
UCLA+2200 (T-8)77
LSU+2200 (T-8)1313
Michigan State+2700 (10)88
Baylor+3200 (11)1010
USC+3500 (12)1515
WIsconsin+4500 (T-13)1414
Stanford+4500 (T-13)1111
Ole Miss+4500 (T-13)1918
South Carolina+5000 (16)99
Florida+5500 (17)URUR
Texas+6300 (18)24UR
Missouri+6700 (19)UR24
Arizona State+7500 (T-20)1819
Notre Dame+7500 (T-20)1717
Michigan+8000 (T-22)URUR
Nebraska+8000 (T-22)2222
Miami (FL)+8000 (T-22)URUR
Clemson+8800 (25)1616

Georgia, Mississippi and Florida are three SEC schools that appear to be underrated in both the Coaches Poll and AP Poll, while Clemson, South Carolina, and Oklahoma all appear to be overrated by the Coaches Poll.  Keep in mind that this poll (or any other) means little to nothing when setting a spread for a game, but it provides a great indicator of public perception and how bettors will respond to these teams in the market.

Oddsmakers tend to have a more accurate view of the College Football landscape but do you think any teams are being overvalued? Which unranked schools should appear in the Top 25? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the section below.

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