NCAA Football Betting Trends – 9/24/2010

NCAA Football Betting Trends – 9/24/2010

We are once again taking a look at the most lopsided games this week of NCAA Football. Ranked teams are involved in several of the most lopsided games this week, and we have highlighted the ones that peaked our interest.

Top lopsided games:

1. Air Force Falcons vs. Wyoming Cowboys

Air Force is heading to Wyoming with 89% of the public taking them in spread bets according to our betting trends data. It appears that the strong public support for the Falcons pushed the opening line up to -13 from -11 very early in the week. The line is now at -13.5, and was up to -14 about mid-week.

Team # Bets Spread Open
Air Force 7538 89% -11 -13.5
Wyoming 11% 11 13.5

2. Oklahoma Sooners (8) vs. Cincinnati Bearcats

It looks as though sharp money has been hammering Cincinnati in their match-up against Oklahoma. The Sooners are getting 82% of spread bets yet their line has consistently dropped down to -13.5 from -17. Our betting systems have been backing this trend up with several moves triggered on Cincinnati.

Team # Bets Spread Open
Oklahoma 9000 82% -17 -13.5
Cincinnati 18% 17 13.5

3. Alabama Crimson Tide (1) vs Arkansas Razorbacks (10)

The public surprisingly (read: air quotes) is backing top ranked Alabama to the tune of 77%, but despite Alabama being a heavy favorite the line has remained fairly consistent. Moving up to -7.5 early in the week, it dropped back down to -7 shortly there after, and has held there since. Our betting systems have triggered several plays on this game, even without heavy line movement.

Team # Bets Spread Open Current
Alabama 17343 77% -7 -7
Arkansas 23% 7 7

4. Stanford Cardinal (16) vs. Notre Dame Irish

Last week’s loss to Michigan State seems to have diminished public support for the Irish. Stanford is getting 74% of public spread bets and this has pushed the line up to -4.5 from -3.5. There has been a number of Steam Moves triggered on this game, most of which triggered early on in the week.

Team # Bets Spread Open Current
Stanford 17883 74% -3.5 -4.5
Notre Dame 26% 3.5 4.5

5. Oregon Ducks (5) vs. Arizona State Sun Devils

The public really likes Oregon and the 11.5 points they’re giving to Arizona State. Spread bets on Oregon are at 91%, which has pushed the line up a point from the -10.5 open. As far as Betting Against the Public goes, this is it.

Team # Bets Spread Open Current
Oregon 20562 91% -10.5 -11.5
Arizona State 9% 10.5 11.5
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