Game of Thrones: Season 6, Episode 6 Dead Pool

Game of Thrones: Season 6, Episode 6 Dead Pool


In the final moments of last Sunday’s episode, everybody’s favorite gentle giant, Hodor, was tragically killed by an army of zombies. We also found out why he was unable to expand upon his one-word vocabulary due to an incredible twist including convoluted manipulation of the space-time continuum.

George R.R. Martin, the mastermind behind the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series of novels, planned out this twist since the first book was published two decades ago. Fans of the show were shocked, as were the oddsmakers at Bovada who didn’t even have Hodor listed in their dead pool odds. In fact, none of the characters who died last week were among the 33 options.

Last week Jorah Mormont (+350) was listed as the favorite to perish next, but he survived the episode and will now search for a cure to his greyscale. This is particularly interesting since oddsmakers have been offering a prop bet on Jorah’s greyscale for several weeks.

Prior to last week’s episode, the odds of Jorah Mormont’s greyscale being cured were +250, with no listed at -400. Now that he’ll presumably be seeking out a cure, the odds of his greyscale being cured have jumped from +250 to +150, with no listed at -200.

This week, Loras Tyrell (+250) leapfrogged Jorah Mormont (+500) and is now expected to be the next character to die. The last time we saw Loras he was being held prisoner by the High Sparrow and looked very sickly. The Tyrell army seems poised to attack the Faith Militant in an attempt to free Loras and Margaery but, as we all know, nothing ever goes as planned on Game of Thrones.

The table below displays the current dead pool odds at Bovada.

Loras Tyrell+250
Jorah Mormont+500
High Sparrow+500
Ramsay Bolton (Snow)+1000
Tommen Baratheon+1400
Daario Naharis+1600
Theon Greyjoy+1600
Yara Greyjoy+1600
Lady Melisandre+1800
Grey Worm+2000
Margaery Tyrell+2000
Podrick Payne+2500
Olenna Tyrell+3300
Brienne of Tarth+4000
Euron Greyjoy+4000
Ellaria Sand+4000
Sansa Stark+4000
Jaime Lannister+6600
Petyr Baelish+6600
Lord Varys+6600
Samwell Tarly+6600
Jon Snow+6600
Tyrion Lannister+7500
Cersei Lannister+7500
Jaquen H'ghar+10000
Arya Stark+10000
Daenerys Targaryen+10000

Oddsmakers have been fairly accurate this season, correctly predicting the death of Alliser Thorne and projecting which episode Arya Stark would regain her sight. Considering that three of the five most likely candidates to die reside in King’s Landing (Loras Tyrell +250, High Sparrow +500 and Tommen Baratheon +1400), it seems highly likely that we’ll see some fireworks between the Lannister’s, Tyrell’s and the Faith Militant.

Who do you think will be the next to die? Are there any sleeper candidates? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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