Sports Insights Podcast: Episode 26 (February 10, 2017)

With football season officially over, David and Dan recap Super Bowl 51 and explain how sportsbooks fared on the big game. They also discuss the top betting trends for basketball season, futures offering value, and picks for tonight’s games. MLB win totals were also released earlier today, and there are two totals that appear to be mispriced….

Why is it Important to Follow Market-Setting Sportsbooks?

Contrary to popular belief, betting lines don’t originate in Las Vegas – they originate from market-setting offshore sportsbooks. These oddsmakers take massive limits, which attracts the sharpest bettors. As an example, sharp sportsbooks like CRIS and Pinnacle were taking six-figure wagers on the Super Bowl while square sportsbooks like Bovada or were capping bets…