A Contrarian Approach to the Sports Betting Marketplace

A Contrarian Approach to the Sports Betting Marketplace

Over the past several years, the team here at SportsInsights has analyzed over 350 million of bets and uncovered a plethora of profitable betting trends that we have shared with our subscribers. The basic philosophy revolves around contrarian betting; finding value betting against the public.

The principles behind contrarian sports betting is similar to many strategies utilized on Wall Street. If everyone hates a stock (or other investment), that stock might be undervalued and be a good long-term investment. Historically, buying “value stocks” has been one of the best methods of investing in the stock market. Similarly, we can profit in the sports marketplace by finding value and betting on undervalued teams. Below is a look at our Sports Investing Index dating back to 2003.

But what are the sweet spots for betting against the public? What are the most historically profitable betting trends for our contrarian philosophy? Featuring research accepted into the 2nd round of MIT’s world-renowned Sloan Sports Analytics research competition, SportsInsights new e-book offers a crash course in sports investing.

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