2015 NFL Opponents

2015 NFL Opponents

While the actual schedule has yet to be revealed, the NFL doesn’t have any surprises when it comes to which teams you are going to play. If your team has already been eliminated or if you are looking to schedule a road trip for next season, use the tables below to see who your favorite NFL team will be playing in 2015.

The tables do not include divisional games. An asterisk notes that the game will be played in London. (Also, one divisional game will be played overseas: Jets at Dolphins)


2015 AFC East Opponents

PatriotsJaguars, Titans, Eagles, Redskins, SteelersTexans, Colts, Cowboys, Giants, Broncos
BillsTexans, Colts, Cowboys, Giants, BengalsJaguars*, Titans, Eagles, Redskins, Chiefs
DolphinsTexans, Colts, Cowboys, Giants, RavensJaguars, Titans, Eagles, Redskins, Chargers
JetsJaguars, Titans, Eagles, Redskins, BrownsTexans, Colts, Cowboys, Giants, Raiders

2015 AFC South Opponents

ColtsPatriots, Jets, Saints, Bucs, BroncosDolphins, Bills, Panthers, Falcons, Steelers
TexansPatriots, Jets, Saints, Bucs, ChiefsDolphins, Bills, Panthers, Falcons, Bengals
JaguarsDolphins, Bills*, Panthers, Falcons, ChargersPatriots, Jets, Saints, Bucs, Ravens
TitansDolphins, Bills, Panthers, Falcons, RaidersPatriots, Jets, Saints, Bucs, Browns

2015 AFC North Opponents

SteelersBroncos, Raiders, 49ers, Cardinals, ColtsChiefs, Chargers, Rams, Seahawks, Patriots
BengalsChiefs, Chargers, Rams, Seahawks, TexansBroncos, Raiders, 49ers, Cardinals, Bills
RavensChiefs, Chargers, Rams, Seahawks, JaguarsBroncos, Raiders, 49ers, Cardinals, Dolphins
BrownsBroncos, Raiders, 49ers, Cardinals, TitansChiefs, Chargers, Rams, Seahawks, Jets

2015 AFC West Opponents

BroncosRavens, Bengals, Packers, Vikings, PatriotsBrowns, Steelers, Bears, Lions, Colts
ChiefsBrowns, Steelers, Bears, Lions*, BillsRavens, Bengals, Packers, Vikings, Texans
ChargersBrowns, Steelers, Bears, Lions, DolphinsRavens, Bengals, Packers, Vikings, Jaguars
RaidersRavens, Bengals, Packers, Vikings, JetsBrowns, Steelers, Bears, Lions, Titans

2015 NFC East Opponents

CowboysFalcons, Panthers, Patriots, Jets, SeahawksSaints, Bucs, Bills, Dolphins, Packers
EaglesSaints, Bucs, Bills, Dolphins, CardinalsFalcons, Panthers, Patriots, Jets, Lions
GiantsFalcons, Panthers, Patriots, Jets, 49ersSaints, Bucs, Bills, Dolphins, Vikings
RedskinsSaints, Bucs, Bills, Dolphins, RamsFalcons, Panthers, Patriots, Jets, Bears

2015 NFC South Opponents

PanthersEagles, Redskins, Texans, Colts, PackersCowboys, Giants, Jaguars, Titans, Seahawks
FalconsEagles, Redskins, Texans, Colts, VikingsCowboys, Giants, Jaguars, Titans, 49ers
SaintsCowboys, Giants, Jaguars, Titans, LionsEagles, Redskins, Texans, Colts, Cardinals
BucsCowboys, Giants, Jaguars, Titans, BearsEagles, Redskins, Texans, Colts, Rams

2015 NFC North Opponents

PackersRams, Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers, CowboysCardinals, 49ers, Broncos, Raiders, Panthers
LionsCardinals, 49ers, Broncos, Raiders, EaglesRams, Seahawks, Chiefs*, Chargers, Saints
VikingsRams, Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers, GiantsCardinals, 49ers, Broncos, Raiders, Falcons
BearsCardinals, 49ers, Broncos, Raiders, RedskinsRams, Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers, Bucs

2015 NFC West Opponents

SeahawksBears, Lions, Browns, Steelers, PanthersPackers, Vikings, Ravens, Bengals, Cowboys
CardinalsPackers, Vikings, Ravens, Bengals, SaintsBears, Lions, Browns, Steelers, Eagles
49ersPackers, Vikings, Ravens, Bengals, FalconsBears, Lions, Browns, Steelers, Giants
RamsBears, Lions, Browns, Steelers, BucsPackers, Vikings, Ravens, Bengals, Redskins
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