2015-16 Premier League Odds

2015-16 Premier League Odds

We’ve entered April and it looks like Leicester City will actually win the league. They’re now the favorites to do so which is unimaginable when looking back at where it all started.

With Chelsea fresh off last year’s Premier League title, sportsbooks were keeping Jose Mourinho’s squad as the favorites to win it again in 2015-16. While no team is ever able to keep their entire roster in tact, new signings came in to a core that was already the strongest in the league. Chelsea were the deserved preseason favorites for the 2015-16 season but things completely flipped this year.

Mourinho is no longer managing Chelsea, and Leicester City see themselves at the top of the EPL table. The table below shows the odds to win the Premier League at 5Dimes and will continue to be updated throughout the season:

ClubApr 30, 2016Apr 4, 2016Mar 20Feb 15Feb 8Feb 4Jan 4Nov 20Oct 19Sep 25Aug 20Aug 6June 29May 24, 2015
Leicester City-1900-450-165+275+230+500+3250+30000+150000+200000+150000+250000+100000+100000
Manchester CityN/A+10000+14000+575+360+120+110+105-125-170+125+275+275+275
Manchester UnitedN/A+25000+19000+8000+4600+3300+2350+650+610+710+550+500+500+400
West Ham UnitedN/A+250000+60000+70000+70000+25000+100000+75000+100000+125000+100000+150000+100000+100000
Stoke CityN/AN/A+750000+300000+300000+250000+100000+400000+250000+500000+150000+150000+100000+100000
Aston VillaN/AN/AN/A+900000+900000+900000+750000+990000+750000+750000+300000+250000+100000+100000
West Brom AlbionN/AN/AN/A+900000+900000+900000+400000+800000+500000+500000+250000+200000+150000+150000
Swansea CityN/AN/AN/A+900000+900000+900000+400000+500000+150000+125000+125000+150000+100000+100000
Crystal PalaceN/AN/AN/A+300000+300000+200000+75000+250000+100000+125000+150000+250000+100000+100000

Preview below was originally posted on August 6

Many top teams are not afraid to spend money: Liverpool splurged on Roberto Firmino and Christian Benteke while adding James Milner on a free loan, but doesn’t appear to be enough after taking a step backwards last season. They lost arguably their best, youngest player in Raheem Sterling and also lost their longtime leader in Steven Gerrard so the feel around the squad is a bit unknown this season.

Manchester City were on the receiving end of former Liverpool man Raheem Sterling, but they paid a hefty fee of €69.4 million to get him. However, the injection of pace should spark a team that lost its luster towards the end of last season. 

Manchester United were another club who dealt the cash out, spending over 100 million in transfer fees to bring in Morgan Schneiderlin, Memphis Depay, Matteo Darmian and Bastian Schwensteiger. Manager Louis van Gaal has clearly constructed the team to exactly how he sees fit, but oddsmakers aren’t totally convinced they have enough to win the league like they’re accustomed to.

Arsenal have frustrated fans for their inconsistent performances in the Premier League but this year oddsmakers finally view them as a legitimate contender. The Gunners were able to snatch up world class goalkeeper Petr Cech from Chelsea which improved their title odds from +600 to +450, proving his impact already.

Chelsea, the league favorites, didn’t go crazy this offseason but made calculated moves to solidify their squad. Even the biggest Chelsea haters can admit they’ve built a team to win, no matter how ugly it is, and that’s all that matters in the English Premier League. With the transfer window still open for another month, you can keep up with all the latest transfers here.

In addition to title odds, there’s no shortage of props and futures to choose from. Bettors have already pounced on Season Point Totals for many teams, most notably the Chelsea Under and Newcastle Over. Below shows how Season Point O/U’s have moved since opening in early June.

ClubSeason Points O/U (Aug 6)Season Points O/U (June 5)
Manchester City80.580.5
Manchester United76.575.5
Swansea City50.551.5
Stoke City48.546.5
Crystal Palace45.545.5
West Ham United44.545.5
West Brom Albion41.543.5
Aston Villa41.539.5
Leicester City40.541.5

It’s also worth taking a look to see who oddsmakers expect to be relegated, something that American fans are not used to but definitely makes the end of the season worth watching. While the bottom-tiered teams essentially have no shot at winning the league, the financial impact of staying in the top league is immense. Below shows the odds to be relegated via Bovada:

ClubRelegation Odds (Aug 6)Relegation Odds (June 5)
Aston Villa+250+400
Leicester City+250+450
West Brom Albion+450+450
Crystal Palace+600+500
West Ham+600+600
Swansea City+900+900
Stoke City+1200+1200
Manchester United+250000+200000
Manchester City+500000+500000

Last season the two biggest favorites to be relegated, Burnley -200 and QPR +175, were sent packing from the Premier League but next on the list, Leicester City at +225, survived by going on a roll the last few months.

We’ll also be posting a preview as the season gets closer to highlight any player movement, odds moves, major bets, undervalued teams to bet on and more.

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