2014-15 NFL Playoff Odds

2014-15 NFL Playoff Odds

Before the start of this season, we posted a number or articles involving prop bets for the 2014-15 NFL season. In addition to examining NFL Win Totals, Divisional Odds and Futures for the 2014-15 season, we posted odds for all 32 NFL teams to make the playoffs this season at two prominent offshore sportsbooks.

Considering the supposed talent discrepancy between the AFC and NFC, it was none too surprising that the two superpowers in the inferior AFC — the New England Patriots (-400) and Denver Broncos (-450) — had the best odds of making the postseason. These prognostications were proven right last week when both of these teams clinched a playoff spot.

The table below displays the preseason and current odds for every team to make the 2014-15 NFL playoffs at Bovada and Sportsbook.com. As always, we strongly encourage bettors to shop for the best line before placing any wager.

TeamYes (Bovada on 12/18)No (Bovada on 12/18)Yes (Bovada on 7/8)No (Bovada on 7/8)Yes (Sportsbk on 7/8)No (Sportsbk on 7/8)
Detroit Lions-1500+750+250-325+270-360
Baltimore Ravens-400+300+200-260+220-285
Pittsburgh Steelers-350+275+170-210+180-225
Dallas Cowboys-260+200+225-285+240-320
Cincinnati Bengals-200+160+150-180+150-185
Philadelphia Eagles+145-175+170-210-110-120
San Diego Chargers+250-325+300-400+375-500
Kansas City Chiefs+275-350+275-350+280-360
Buffalo Bills+600-1000+450-650+500-800
Miami Dolphins+1000-2000+350-500+400-600
Arizona CardinalsClinchedClinched+350-500+400-600
New England PatriotsClinchedClinched-400+300-400+300
Denver BroncosClinchedClinched-400+300-450+325
Indianapolis ColtsClinchedClinched-150+120-150+120
Jacksonville JaguarsEliminatedEliminated+1000-2000+1200-2500
Washington RedskinsEliminatedEliminated+350-500+375-500
Tennessee TitansEliminatedEliminated+300-400+300-400
Minnesota VikingsEliminatedEliminated+500-800+650-1000
Tampa Bay BuccaneersEliminatedEliminated+500-800+650-1000
St. Louis RamsEliminatedEliminated+350-500+400-550
New York GiantsEliminatedEliminated+225-285+235-300
New York JetsEliminatedEliminated+350-500+400-550
Oakland RaidersEliminatedEliminated+800-1600+1000-2000
San Francisco 49ersEliminatedEliminated-250+195-250+200
Chicago BearsEliminatedEliminated+190-230+220-285
Carolina PanthersN/AN/A+200-260+235-300
Houston TexansN/AN/A+275-350+280-370
Seattle SeahawksN/AN/A-300+240-300+235
New Orleans SaintsN/AN/A-155+125-140+110
Green Bay PackersN/AN/A-200+160-185+150
Atlanta FalconsN/AN/A+225-285+235-300
Cleveland BrownsN/AN/A+500-800+700-1150

Prior to the start of the season, we utilized these odds to project that the following six teams would make the playoffs in each conference:

AFC: Denver Broncos (West), New England Patriots (East), Indianapolis Colts (South), Cincinnati Bengals (North), Pittsburgh Steelers (North) and Baltimore Ravens (North).
NFC: Seattle Seahawks (West), San Francisco 49ers (West), Green Bay Packers (North), New Orleans Saints (South), Philadelphia Eagles (East) and Chicago Bears (North).

Based on these projections, Denver and New England would receive first-round byes in the AFC while Seattle and Green Bay would receive the two byes in the NFC. With only two weeks remaining in the season, many of these projections have proven to be accurate.

Although neither the 10-4 Packers nor the 10-4 Seahawks have clinched a playoff berth, it would take an epic collapse for either of these two teams to miss the postseason. These teams are also very much alive in the hunt for a first round bye, although losses by the 10-4 Lions and 11-3 Cardinals would certainly aide in this quest.

Speaking of the Cardinals, has there been a more surprising team this season? Entering the year, Arizona was listed at +350 to make the playoffs and, despite injuries to their top two quarterbacks (Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton), are currently the only NFC team to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

It’s also interesting to compare some of the differences between the preseason NFL Futures and the NFL Playoff Odds, as you would think that teams would have similar rankings for both. However, the Arizona Cardinals were tied for the 23rd-best odds to make the playoffs but had the 11th-best odds of winning the Super Bowl. This indicates that oddsmakers believed that Arizona was an exceptionally talented team, but questioned whether they could overcome the tough schedule that comes with playing in a loaded NFC West.

Searching for this season’s biggest bust? Look no farther than the San Francisco 49ers. Colin Kaepernick and crew had the fourth shortest odds (-250) of making the 2014-15 playoffs and, despite a 7-7 record, have already been eliminated from contention.

Who do you think will make the NFL playoffs? Are any teams are being undervalued by oddsmakers? Please leave any thoughts or questions in the comment section below and don’t forget to visit our free NFL odds page for the latest lines and public betting trends.

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