2014 College Football Games of the Year

2014 College Football Games of the Year

When it comes to football, it’s really never too early to look ahead to marquee games, and Golden Nugget in Las Vegas has just released its odds for the 2014 college football games of the year. Conference rivalries between powerhouses such as Stanford/Oregon, Michigan/Ohio State, and Alabama/LSU once again headline this year’s most anticipated games.

With a new 4-team playoff format this season, 125 teams will compete in a national semifinal round for a chance to play in the national championship game. You can check out all the opening and latest odds for the 4-team playoff, as well as early Week 1 lines, Championship odds, and Heisman future odds for the upcoming 2014 season.

Below shows the opening odds from Golden Nugget for college football’s games of the year. At the bottom of the article we’ll highlight which teams have seen the most line movement over the course of the season:

August 28

Texas A&M at South Carolina (-9)
Boise State vs. Mississippi (-9) (n)

August 29

UNLV at Arizona (-23.5)
BYU vs. Connecticut (+16.5)

August 30

Arkansas at Auburn (-24)
Colorado St. vs. Colorado (-4) (n) 
Clemson at. Georgia (-9)
Cal at Northwestern (-9.5)
UCLA at Virginia (+21.5)
Ohio State at Navy (+14)
Penn State vs. Central Florida (+2.5) (n) 
West Virginia vs. Alabama (-27.5) (n)
Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (+17) (n) 
LSU vs. Wisconsin (+7) (n)

September 1

Miami at Louisville (Pk)

September 5

Pitt at Boston College (+9)

September 6

USC at Stanford (-3.5)
San Diego State at North Carolina (-21)
BYU at Texas (-6)
Michigan State at Oregon (-13)
Michigan at Notre Dame (-3)
Virginia Tech at Ohio State (-18)
Colorado State at Boise State (-10)

September 13

Boise State at Connecticut (+10)
USC at Boston College (+23)
Tennessee at Oklahoma (-19)
UCLA vs. Texas (+8) (n)
Louisville at Virginia (+7.5)
Nebraska at Fresno State (+4)
Iowa State at Iowa (-9.5)
Georgia at South Carolina (-3)
Purdue vs. Notre Dame (-21) (n)

September 18

Auburn at Kansas State (+13)

September 20

Clemson at Florida State (-17)
Mississippi State at LSU (-12)
San Diego State at Oregon State (-13)
Virginia at BYU (-17)
Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech (-7)
Oregon at Washington State (+23)
Oklahoma at West Virginia (+17)
Florida at Alabama (-21)
Miami at Nebraska (-3)

September 25

UCLA at Arizona State (+7)
Texas Tech at Oklahoma State (-7)

September 27

Oregon State at USC (-17)
Tennessee at Georgia (-17)
Minnesota at Michigan (-12)
Florida State at North Carolina State (+30)
Notre Dame vs. Syracuse (+5.5) (n) 
Cincinnati at Ohio State (-21)
North Carolina at Clemson (-4)
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (-11) (n) 
TCU at SMU (+10)
Missouri at South Carolina (-11)

October 2

Arizona at Oregon (-25)

October 3

Louisville at Syracuse (+1)
LSU at Auburn (-6.5)
Arizona State at USC (-11)
Miami at Georgia Tech (+4)
Vanderbilt at Georgia (-24)
Wisconsin at Northwestern (+7)
Alabama at Mississippi (+9)
Virginia Tech at North Carolina (-10)
North Carolina State at Clemson (-23)
Baylor at Texas (+3)                                      
Texas A&M at Mississippi State (-3)                                      
Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7)
Boise State at Nevada (+6)
Oklahoma at TCU (+14)
Florida at Tennessee (+4.5)
Stanford at Notre Dame (+6)
Nebraska at Michigan State (-8)

October 11

Alabama at Arkansas (+24)
USC at Arizona (+7.5)
Oregon at UCLA (+3)
LSU at Florida (+9)
Georgia at Missouri (+7)
Florida State at Syracuse (+21)
Texas vs. Oklahoma (-9)  (n)
Louisville at Clemson (-10)
Mississippi at Texas A&M (-1)
Auburn at Mississippi State (+9.5)
Cincinnati at Miami (-11)
West Virginia at Texas Tech (-10)
North Carolina at Notre Dame (-2.5)
Penn State at Michigan (-7)

October 16

Virginia Tech at Pitt (-1)
Fresno State at Boise State (-4.5)

October 18

Georgia at Arkansas (+14.5)
Stanford at Arizona State (-6.5)
UCLA at Cal (+22)
Notre Dame at Florida State (-24)
Missouri at Florida (-3)
Nebraska at Northwestern (+2.5)
Clemson at Boston College (+18)
Tennessee at Mississippi (-12)
Kansas State at Oklahoma (-14)
Baylor at West Virginia (+16)
Texas A&M at Alabama (-16.5)
Washington at Oregon (-20)

October 23

Miami at Virginia Tech (-1)

October 24

Oregon at Cal (+34)
South Florida at Cincinnati (-19)

October 25

BYU at Boise State (+3)
South Carolina at Auburn (-7)
Oregon State at Stanford (-13)
Mississippi at LSU (-7.5)
Michigan at Michigan State (-7.5)
West Virginia at Oklahoma State (-19)
USC at Utah (+10)
North Carolina at Virginia (+14)
Arizona State at Washington (-6)
Texas at Kansas State (-3.5)
Alabama at Tennessee (+20)
Ohio State at Penn State (+9)

October 30

Florida State at Louisville (+17)

November 1

Arizona at UCLA (-14)
Florida vs. Georgia (-9) (n) 
Oklahoma at Iowa State (+22.5)
Auburn at Mississippi (+7)
Boston College at Virginia Tech (-16)
Oklahoma State at Kansas State (-3.5)
North Carolina at. Miami (-1)
Notre Dame vs. Navy (+3) (n)
Stanford at Oregon (-10)
Tennessee at South Carolina (-18)
Texas at Texas Tech (-1)

November 6

Clemson at Wake Forest (+20)

November 8

Texas A&M at Auburn (-14)
Notre Dame at Arizona State (-4.5)
Michigan at Northwestern (+3)
Alabama at LSU (+2.5)
Louisville at Boston College (+15)
Ohio State at Michigan State (-1)
Iowa at Minnesota (Pk)
Baylor at Oklahoma (-11)
Florida at Vanderbilt (+9)
West Virginia at Texas (-13)
Oregon at Utah (+20)
UCLA at Washington (+3.5)
Kansas State at TCU (+4)

November 13

Cal at USC (-34)

November 15

LSU at Arkansas (+14)
Washington at Arizona (-5)
Utah at Stanford (-14)
South Carolina at Florida (+6)
Clemson at Georgia Tech (+6)
Auburn at Georgia (-1)
San Diego State at Boise State (-7.5)
Pitt at North Carolina (-10)
Texas at Oklahoma State (-2)
Arizona State at Oregon State (+2)
Missouri at Texas A&M (-6)
Nebraska at Wisconsin (-7)
Florida State at Miami (+14.5)
Oklahoma at Texas Tech (-10)

November 20

Northwestern at Notre Dame (-8)
Kansas State at West Virginia (+7.5)
North Carolina at Duke (+3)

November 22

Mississippi at Arkansas (+5)
Stanford at Cal (+17)
USC at UCLA (-4.5)
Cincinnati at Connecticut (+10)
Oklahoma State at Baylor (-9)
Arizona at Utah (-2)
Miami at Virginia (+10)
Oregon State at Washington (-7.5)
Wisconsin at Iowa (+6)
Missouri at Tennessee (+4)
Louisville at Notre Dame (-8)

November 27

LSU at Texas A&M (+5)
TCU at Texas (-9.5)

November 28

Arizona State at Arizona (+1)
Stanford at UCLA (+1)
Central Florida atSouth Florida (+21)
Virginia at Virginia Tech (-14)
Nebraska at Iowa (-1)

November 29

BYU at Cal (+11)
Notre Dame at USC (-10)
Florida at Florida State (-17)
Georgia Tech at Georgia (-14)
West Virginia at Iowa State (Pk)
Illinois at Northwestern (-9.5)
Kentucky at Louisville (-15)
Arkansas at Missouri (-10)
North Carolina State at North Carolina (-20)
Michigan at Ohio State (-8)
Oregon at Oregon State (+13)
South Carolina at Clemson (+3)
Tennessee at Vanderbilt (n) (+3)
Washington at Washington State (+4.5)
Minnesota at Wisconsin (-13)
Auburn at Alabama (-6)
Kansas at Kansas State (-25)
Pittsburgh at Miami (-7)
Nevada at UNLV (-5)
Baylor at Texas Tech (+6.5)

December 6

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma (-11)
Kansas State at Baylor (-6)

December 13

Army vs. Navy (-13) (n)


Golden Nugget released these Game of the Year lines back in early June but some odds have fluctuated considerably by at least 2 points on the spread. Below are some of the games that have seen the biggest odds moves this season:

Louisville -2 (from PK) vs. Miami-FL

Wisconsin +4.5 (from +7) vs. LSU

Ohio State -16.5 (from -14) vs. Navy

Kansas State +10 (from +13) vs. Auburn

Florida +18.5 (from +21) at Alabama

TCU -12.5 (from -10) at SMU

Arizona +22.5 (from +25) at Oregon

Louisville -4 (from -1) at Syracuse

NC State +21 (from +23) at Clemson

TCU +7 (from +14) vs. Oklahoma

Notre Dame +4 (from +6) vs. Stanford

Florida +5.5 (from +9) vs. LSU

Boise State -6.5 (from -4.5) vs. Fresno State

Florida -5 (from -3) vs. Missouri

Notre Dame +21 (from +24) at Florida State

Cal +28.5 (from +34) vs. Oregon

West Virginia +17 (from +19) at Oklahoma State

Notre Dame -8 (from -3) vs. Navy

Baylor +6 (from +11) at Oklahoma

TCU +1.5 (from +4) vs. Kansas State

Cal +26.5 (from +34) at USC

Baylor -11 (from -6.5) vs. Texas Tech

Baylor -13 (from -6.5) vs. Kansas State

Oklahoma -13.5 (from -11) vs. Oklahoma State

Over the course of the season, bettors seem to be high on TCU, Oregon State, Florida State, Louisville, Cal, Baylor, Notre Dame and Florida.

On the flip side, bettors seem to be low on USC, Clemson, Navy, Oregon, Oklahoma State, and LSU.

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