2014-15 NHL Point Totals

2014-15 NHL Point Totals

Believe it or not, we’re just over a week away from the start of the 2014-15 NHL season with the puck dropping for opening night on October 8th. To get bettors prepared we’ve published articles comparing Divisional Odds and Stanley Cup Futures at several prominent offshore sportsbooks.

By studying these odds, we were already aware that many of the usual suspects — namely the Blackhawks, Bruins, Kings and Penguins — were expected to finish atop the standings this season. However, earlier this week the very public sportsbook Bovada posted an over/under for every team’s season point total and oddsmakers have put the St. Louis Blues and Anaheim Ducks in same elite category.

The table below compares the 2014-15 NHL point totals at Bovada and Sportsbook.com for all thirty NHL teams alongside their performance last season.

TeamSportsbook (9/26)BetOnline (9/10)2013-14 PointsDifference
Anaheim Ducks104.5105.5116-10.5
Arizona Coyotes87.580.589-8.5
Boston Bruins107.5110.5117-6.5
Buffalo Sabres64.565.552+13.5
Calgary Flames70.571.577-5.5
Carolina Hurricanes78.581.583-1.5
Chicago Blackhawks107.5111.5107+4.5
Colorado Avalanche93.595.5112-16.5
Columbus Blue Jackets94.590.593-2.5
Dallas Stars97.592.591+1.5
Detroit Red Wings97.591.593-1.5
Edmonton Oilers80.580.567+13.5
Florida Panthers80.572.566+6.5
Los Angeles Kings102.5106.5100+6.5
Minnesota Wild101.598.598+0.5
Montreal Canadiens97.593.5100-6.5
Nashville Predators89.578.588-9.5
New Jersey Devils88.585.588-2.5
New York Islanders88.585.579+6.5
New York Rangers95.595.596-0.5
Ottawa Senators86.579.588-8.5
Philadelphia Flyers88.589.594-4.5
Pittsburgh Penguins106.5105.5109-4.5
San Jose Sharks101.5102.5111-8.5
St. Louis Blues104.5105.5111-5.5
Tampa Bay Lightning99.595.5101-5.5
Toronto Maple Leafs88.588.584+4.5
Vancouver Canucks89.588.583+5.5
Washington Capitals93.588.590-1.5
Winnipeg Jets81.580.584-3.5

By comparing these projected win totals with each team’s performance last season, we can see that oddsmakers are anticipating significant regression from the Colorado Avalanche (-16.5 points) and Anaheim Ducks (-10.5 points). On the flip side the Buffalo Sabres and Edmonton Oilers (+13.5 points) are expected to be the most improved teams.

There are also a number of massive discrepancies between the projected point totals at BetOnline and Sportsbook.com, which is somewhat surprising considering that both books are considered to be very square. Perhaps the most startling disparity concerns the Nashville Predators who have an 11 point gap with Sportsbook.com currently projecting 89.5 points and BetOnline projecting 78.5.

Last year Nashville tallied 88 points and the team was busy this off-season adding James Neal in addition to Michael Del Zotto, Patrick Eaves, Olli Jokinen, Mike Ribeiro and Derek Roy. This potentially sets up a middling opportunity where bettors could take the Sportsbook.com Under 89.5 and the BetOnline Over 78.5 and once again highlights why bettors should always shop for the best line before placing any bet.

Although no lines have been released yet, bettors can find real-time odds, public betting trends, key injuries and more at our new and improved free NHL odds page.

Will you be betting any NHL point totals? Which teams are being undervalued this season? Can the same four teams continue to dominate the league? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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