2014-15 NHL Divisional Odds

2014-15 NHL Divisional Odds

The NHL season doesn’t start until October 8th, but most sportsbooks had already posted Stanley Cup Futures for the upcoming season several months ago. However, earlier this week Bovada became one of the first major sportsbooks to offer odds on the four division winners.

Last season the Boston Bruins (Atlantic), Pittsburgh Penguins (Metropolitan), Colorado Avalanche (Central) and Anaheim Ducks (Pacific) won their respective divisions, and all four teams are expected to provide tough competition again in 2014-15.

The table below displays the 2014-15 NHL Divisional Odds at Bovada along with the implied probability for each team.

Atlantic Division Odds

TeamOddsImplied Odds2013-14 Pts
Boston Bruins+17536.36%117
Tampa Bay Lightning+40020.00%101
Montreal Canadiens+45018.18%100
Detroit Red Wings+60014.29%93
Toronto Maple Leafs+80011.11%84
Ottawa Senators+10009.09%88
Buffalo Sabres+16005.88%52
Florida Panthers+16005.88%66

Metropolitan Division Odds

TeamOddsImplied Odds2013-14 Pts
Pittsburgh Penguins+22530.77%109
New York Rangers+35022.22%96
Philadelphia Flyers+55015.38%94
Columbus Blue Jackets+65013.33%93
Washington Capitals+70012.50%90
New Jersey Devils+90010.00%88
Carolina Hurricanes+12007.69%83
New York Islanders+12007.69%79

Pacific Division Odds

TeamOddsImplied Odds2013-14 Pts
Los Angeles Kings+17536.36%100
Anaheim Ducks+27526.67%116
San Jose Sharks+45018.18%111
Vancouver Canucks+75011.76%83
Edmonton Oilers+90010.00%67
Arizona Coyotes+10009.09%89
Calgary Flames+14009.09%77

Central Division Odds

TeamOddsImplied Odds2013-14 Pts
Chicago Blackhawks+17536.36%107
St. Louis Blues+30025.00%111
Colorado Avalanche+55015.38%112
Minnesota Wild+55015.38%98
Dallas Stars+75011.76%91
Nashville Predators+12007.69%88
Winnipeg Jets+12007.69%84

It’s worth noting that these implied odds add up to 120% in each division, meaning that Bovada is currently charging a 20-cent juice (a very respectable figure for such an early prop bet).

Which teams do you think will win the four divisions? Will any teams emerge from anonymity to win their division? Please leave any thoughts or comments in the section below.

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