2014-15 NHL Stanley Cup Futures

2014-15 NHL Stanley Cup Futures

Even before the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup for the second time in three seasons in 2013-14, oddsmakers had already begun looking forward to this season. Sportsbook.com became the first sportsbook to post NHL Stanley Cup Futures for the 2014-15 season and a number of prominent sportsbooks followed suit shortly thereafter.

Throughout the off-season, these futures fluctuated tremendously due to player movement via trades and free agency. Forward Jarome Iginla moved to the Colorado Avalanche, goalie Ryan Miller signed with Vancouver, forward Marian Gaborik re-signed with the Kings, defenseman Matt Niskanen went to the Capitals, forward Thomas Vanek went home to the Minnesota Wild, and C Paul Stastny moved to the St. Louis Blues among others.

The table below examines the future odds at three offshore sportsbooks (5Dimes, Bovada and Sportsbook.com) at different points throughout the year.

Updated 3/3/15 at 2:45 pm ET

Team5Dimes (3/3)5Dimes (11/21)5Dimes (7/19)Sportsbook (7/6)Sportsbook (6/21)Bovada (6/21)
Chicago Blackhawks+700+700+550+800+800+700
Nashville Predators+730+3000+9000+6500+10000+6600
Anaheim Ducks+800+775+1200+1200+1400+1200
New York Islanders+835+2000+9000+5500+6500+6600
St. Louis Blues+1000+1250+1200+1200+1200+1200
Detroit Red Wings+1100+3000+2350+1800+1800+2200
Tampa Bay Lightning+1100+1200+1800+1600+2300+2500
Los Angeles Kings+1100+950+900+900+1000+900
Pittsburgh Penguins+1150+1100+1000+1200+1200+1000
Montreal Canadiens+1300+1500+1600+1800+1800+2000
New York Rangers+1400+2300+1600+1500+1800+1600
Washington Capitals+2000+5000+4500+4000+5500+3300
Minnesota Wild+2300+1500+2200+1800+1500+2000
Boston Bruins+2300+850+775+800+800+850
Vancouver Canucks+2800+2100+4750+3500+5500+2500
Calgary Flames+3300+15000+12500+10000+10000+6600
San Jose Sharks+3300+1450+1500+1400+1400+1400
Winnipeg Jets+6000+8500+7000+6000+5500+5000
Philadelphia Flyers+12000+2500+3000+3000+3300+2800
Florida Panthers+12000+20000+11500+6500+6500+7500
Dallas Stars+21000+6600+2800+1800+3300+3300
Colorado Avalanche+22000+5000+1800+1600+1600+1800
New Jersey Devils+50000+6600+6500+6500+6500+4000
Ottawa Senators+50000+6600+6500+5500+5500+5000
Columbus Blue Jackets+100000+8000+4250+3500+3300+4000
Carolina HurricanesN/A+30000+10000+6500+6500+6600
Edmonton OilersN/A+20000+9000+6500+5500+5000
Arizona CoyotesN/A+12500+6500+5500+5500+5000
Buffalo SabresN/A+100000+15000+10000+10000+10000
Toronto Maple LeafsN/A+7000+5000+4500+5500+3300

Prior to the start of the season, the biggest odds movers were the Tampa Bay Lightning (+2500 to +1800 at Bovada), Vancouver Canucks (+5500 to +3500) and the Nashville Predators (+10000 to +6500). Interestingly, all three of these teams have continued to build on that early momentum with impressive starts to the 2014-15 season.

Although those represent three of the most significant price changes among NHL Futures, the biggest movement involves a perennial punching-bag: The New York Islanders. An impressive performance all year has moved the Islanders from +9000 before the season to a price of +835 now.

Disappointing and underperforming teams include the Columbus Blue Jackets (+4250 to +100000), Dallas Stars (+2800 to +21000) and the Colorado Avalanche (+1800 to +22000).

Are there any Stanley Cup contenders that you think are being undervalued? Are the Preds and Isles for real this year? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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  • Lukas Kubicek
    11/21/2014 at 6:24 pm

    The Flames a little. It’ll probably never happen, but why would the odds be going in the opposite direction after their impressive start? Those are odd odds.

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