How to Handle Contradicting Plays

One of the major reasons SportsInsights.com differs from its competitors is the Betting System Plays offered to Premium Pro Members. These Betting Systems offer Smart Money and Steam Moves based on information received from online...

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Sports Insights’ Square Plays +24.8 units

NCAA Football, NFL and NHL Square Plays, which are free to Premium Pro members, are currently +24.8 units, combined. The table below shows a breakdown of these plays. Sport Record Win % Units Won NCAAF 26-11 70.3% +12.9 NFL 13-7 65.0% +4.8 NHL 8-3 72.7% +7.1 Overall 47-21 69.1% +24.8 units ...

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What is a Sports Betting Exchange?

Over recent years, sports exchanges have gained in popularity and "user friendliness." Previously, sports bettors were worried about liquidity or the fact that some exchanges seemed difficult to use. Nowadays, several sports exchanges have the...

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