Sunday Sports Marketplace

Happy Holidays and Happy Easter to you and your family -- from the team at SportsInsights.com. In today's sports marketplace, there is a lot of action: In the NBA, the Celtics are collecting just under 80% of...

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What is Sports Investing?

Here is an excerpt from Sportsinsights' latest article.  Please click on the link at the bottom of this blog post for the entire article. "Sports investing" is an academic approach to the sports betting marketplace.  SportsInsights...

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Sports Insights Square Plays +28.8 Units

Sports Insights' Square Plays continue to produce solid results across the board. NCAA Football plays have led the way since September, but NBA plays have gotten off to a hot start, helping to maximize units won for those following...

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SportsInsights.com mentioned at ESPN.com

SportsInsights got another nice mention from ESPN.com's Chad Millman: "Every Saturday and every Sunday during football season I tweet the public and sharp betting trends for that day's games. The morning of the games, I check websites...

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