Sports Insights Vs. Don Best

Sports Insights Vs. Don Best

When looking for a website to provide you with sports betting odds, lines, and other pertinent sports information … It’s all about finding an edge. In an industry where finding the best line is key to making money, finding a site to provide you with access to these lines is just as, if not more, important. Two of the top providers of sports information, Don Best Sports and Sports Insights, offer comparable services. One of these sites provides you with real time odds, betting percentages and graphs, proven sports betting systems (square plays, smart money, and steam moves,) betting data analysis, instant smart money alerts, and mobile access. The other offers strictly real time odds. A membership at Sports Insights will cost you $199 monthly, while a membership with Don Best will cost you $499 monthly.

Obviously, due to the differences in price, you would assume Don Best is the provider of the real time odds, betting systems, percentages, etc. While Sports Insights would be the provider of strictly real time odds right? Wrong. will provide you with real time odds and all the extras, for just $199 a month. In addition, SI offers a cheaper option for those just looking for real time odds at $99 montly. While Don Best has been around for over 20 years and is very good at what they do … they are charging you for the name Don Best. You are paying for a name brand, not paying for value.

In an industry where value means everything … do you really want to pay for a name?

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