WSJ: Little-Loved Dogs & NCAAB (SportsInsights Research)

WSJ: Little-Loved Dogs & NCAAB (SportsInsights Research)

SportsInsights is pleased that the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) interviewed Dan Fabrizio on betting March Madness NCAA Basketball games.  The WSJ writes:

Daniel Fabrizio, the president of the gambling website, recommends a different approach: Find the Cinderellas with the least amount of hype—and put a wad of cash on them.

Fabrizio examined the final betting lines of every Division I college basketball game played in March or April since 2004 and monitored the bets taken by six popular online bookmakers.

The results are strikingly similar to those of another study Fabrizio performed in December, which examined the benefits of the contrarian investing technique to betting on NFL games.

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