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Weekend Sports Update

It's time for our weekly update of the sports marketplace for a busy weekend -- including college football, the NFL, college basketball and the NHL.  Today, we'll focus on college sports and the NFL. In college...

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March Madness Begins

The Madness has begun.  In case you missed it, here is a Wall Street Journal article that highlights SportsInsights' research on NCAA Basketball and a contrarian method to betting on March Madness.  Here are some...

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What is Sports Investing?

Here is an excerpt from Sportsinsights' latest article.  Please click on the link at the bottom of this blog post for the entire article. "Sports investing" is an academic approach to the sports betting marketplace.  SportsInsights...

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NFL Playoffs start today

SportsInsights has lot of interesting information as the NFL Playoffs get set to start. As always, check out SportsInsights NFL Marketwatch, which focuses on the Jets-Colts game this evening. Also, SportsInsights has released its annual power rankings...

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