Who Will Lead the NFL in Receptions in 2017?

Who Will Lead the NFL in Receptions in 2017?

Prop season continues as we now have odds on which player will lead the NFL in receptions. Last season, at age 33, Larry Fitzgerald managed to lead the league in receptions with 107. He was the oldest player to do so since 1996, when some guy named Jerry Rice led the league at 33-years-old. Not bad company.

Player7/30 (Ladbrokes)
Antonio Brown+250
Julio Jones+450
Odell Beckham+500
Jarvis Landry+1000
Larry Fitzgerald+1000
Julian Edelman+1200
Michael Thomas+1800
AJ Green+2000
Dez Bryant+2000
Golden Tate+2000
Jordy Nelson+2000
Mike Evans+2000
TY Hilton+2000
DeAndre Hopkins+2500
Doug Baldwin+2500
Amari Cooper+3300
Brandin Cooks+3300
Demaryius Thomas+3300
Emmanuel Sanders+3300
Michael Crabtree+3300
Pierre Garcon+3300
Allen Robinson+4000
Randall Cobb+4000
Greg Olsen+5000
Stefon Diggs+5000
Travis Kelce+5000
Willie Snead+5000
Alshon Jeffrey+6600
Davante Adams+6600
Jimmy Graham+6600
Jordan Reed+6600
Terrelle Prior+6600
Eric Decker+8000
Jordan Mathews+8000
Kelvin Benjamin+8000
Rob Gronkowski+8000
Brandon Marshall+10000
Jeremy Maclin+10000
Keenan Allen+10000

Three superstars top this year’s list, with Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown a decent amount higher than Julio Jones and Odell Beckham. Brown finished just one reception behind Fitzgerald last year and was tied with Jones in 2015 atop the list with a whopping 136. Brown also finished with the most in 2014 so you could say that he has a “decent” track record in this category.

One name that could get some attention at +1800 is Michael Thomas. At just 23-years-old last year, Thomas finished 9th in the league with 92 receptions. Now that Brandin Cooks is out of New Orleans, Thomas has the opportunity to catch even more passes from Drew Brees.

A longshot that could tempt some folks is Minnesota’s Stefon Diggs at +5000. Diggs, also a youngster, caught 84 balls last year despite missing three games. If he can stay healthy and continue to mature, he should be in line for his first 100+ reception season.

Will one of the the “big three” take the crown this year or will someone new from farther down the odds list have a breakout year?

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